Engage and Convert: The New Rules for Success in Digital Advertising

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Engage and Convert: The New Rules for Success in Digital Advertising Ray Coppinger Senior Marketing Manager EMEA, Marketo @raycop @marketo

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Marketo Company Overview 3,500 customers across 20+ industries in 36 countries #1 independent marketing platform: Marketing software - built for marketers, by marketers Fastest growing marketing technology company Largest partner solution ecosystem Top rated by Analysts including Sirius Decisions, Gartner, and Forrester Marketing First Helping marketers master the art and science of digital marketing Unparalleled expertise

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The Typical Digital Buyers Day Source: Media Dynamics, America's Media Usage & Ad Exposure: 1945-2014 5000+ (Brand Exposures & Ads) 362 (Are Ads) 12 (Are Remembered)

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Meet Today’s Digital Buyer Tech savvy. Knowledgeable about marketing/ brands/advertising. Need to be informed, entertained or helped. Never bored or annoyed. Fickle—once you stop informing, entertaining or helping them – they leave immediately.

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Digital Advertising has a bad name! Source:

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Digital Advertising Defined Digital Advertising is any use of the internet to deliver promotional content to consumers on various channels. Digital Advertising allows marketers to: To tell brand stories at scale and in context Across multiple devices and channels Reach larger audiences, in real-time and in a 1:1 personalised way

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The History of Digital Advertising Source: Eric Picard, http://www.slideshare.net/ericpicard/the-critical-trends-in-online-advertising-mima-summit-2014

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Success – Starts with your Strategy

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In Digital Advertising… …Strategy is Critical

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Step 1: Analyse the Market Who is most likely to purchase your product? How much of that market is interested in your product? Are their other companies selling similar products? What do your competitor’s advertising strategies look like?

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Step 2: What are you already doing? What are you currently doing for digital advertising? How is it performing? How are you measuring success? Who is running your digital ad strategy? And is your digital ad strategy aligned? In-house? Agency? PPC? Display? Baseline? KPIs

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Step 3: What are your Advertising Goals? Customer Acquisition Customer Nurturing Branding Customer Loyalty, Cross-Sell, Upsell All of the above

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Step 4: Audience Development and Personas Background? Main Sources of Information? Main Online Channel Preference? Pain Points? Preferred Content Medium?

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Step 5: Build Your Team With limited resources, you should focus on fulfilling the following roles: Creative Services Paid Search With a larger team, it’s a good idea to make sure that the following responsibilities are covered: Data Analysis Social Media Advertising Video Production

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Step 5: Build Your Team (contd.) Some teams may need to outsource some of its responsibilities to an outside agency. Some important things to consider are as follow: Industry expertise Shared vision Similar background Proven Track Record

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Picking Your Digital Advertising Channels

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Lots of Digital Advertising Options

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Search (PPC) Advertising PPC ads are flexible, contextual, extremely visible, and most of all, effective for many different types of organisations. Focus on quality score Choose your keywords wisely Watch your budget closely Don’t fear the competition Make sure you can measure Integrate with Marketing Automation Test, test, test, repeat

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Display Advertising Display ads offer great diversity. You can use a range of media to get your message across to your audience. And you can target your audience across multiple devices and channels. Be clear on your objective(s) Make sure you can measure Be as targeted as possible Follow design best practices & design for the platform/channel.

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Social Advertising By advertising on social channels in an engaging and relevant way, you can reach new audiences or continue to nurture your buyers cross-channel. Don’t take yourself too seriously Focus on valuable content and solid offers Utilize platform targeting for the biggest impact Always add value Always test your ads and content on each platform

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Mobile Advertising Mobile advertising is growing quicker than any other ad space. The human population is 7.1 billion and there are 7.7 billion mobile devices. Adaptive/Responsive Design Make sure you can measure Be as targeted as possible Integrate with Marketing automation.

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Cross-Channel Digital Advertising

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You can’t advertise in a vacuum…

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Marketers need to think Cross-Channel Listen: Pay close attention to buyer behavior across all channels to create a single, integrated view of the buyer persona. Act: Manage, personalise, and act on conversations with buyers across channels.

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Cross-Channel Acquisition Example In this example from Marketo, digital advertising supports a campaign to acquire new potential buyers through the launch of our Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing.

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Channel 1: Twitter

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Channel 2: LinkedIn

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Channel 3: Facebook

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Channel 4: PPC

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Channel 5: Email

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Channel 6: Website

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Incorporate Digital Advertising in your mix

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Digital Advertising Planning

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Digital Advertising for Lead Nurturing As a marketer, you need to think across channels in your lead nurturing. Geo Location Vertical Local Events Case Studies Competitor Customer Demos Company Size eBooks

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Digital Advertising Metrics

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The Future of Marketing Metrics? Efficiency Effectiveness Brand Awareness Cost Metrics (Efficiency) Overall Engagement Top-Line Revenue In marketing measurement, effectiveness metrics trump efficiency metrics

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Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, Apr 2014 * Percentage of all programs in channel that achieve MT Ratio > 5

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Common Digital Advertising Metrics

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Choose how to Attribute First-Touch Attribution Last Touch Attribution Multi-Touch Attribution Time Decay Attribution Position Based Attribution Last Non-Direct Click Attribution Last Adwords Click Attribution

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How we do it at Marketo? Count all the successful touches Assign value to the final action Distribute that value across your successful touches

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Questions? Email: rcoppinger@marketo.com Twitter: @raycop

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Optimizing Ad and Email Campaigns July 22nd, 2015

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A/B Testing

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What is it? A/B testing is a way to test changes to your page against the current design and determine which one produces positive results

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How does that help me?

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The Test

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The Test

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The Results

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More Examples

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Secret Escapes

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The Variations

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Case Study: Obama Contribute Form

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