Why "SMarketing" Matters

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SALES & MARKETING ALIGNMENT WHY “SMARKETING” MATTERS In a perfect world, Marketing sets Sales up for success, and Sales gives Marketing the insight they need to remain relevant to buyers. WE CALL THIS SALES & MARKETING ALIGNMENT OR “SMARKETING”. SALES MARKETING SMARKETING SA D LY, M A R KE T E R S & SALES REPS C AN ʼT S E E M TO F I N D CO MMON GROUN D ##**!? PAPER PUSHERS ##!? A RTS A N D CRA FTS AC A DEMI CS ##!? L AZY COWBOYS SIM PLE-MINDED I RRELEVA NT ##**!? IN COMPET ENT ##**!? [1] What Sales thinks about Marketing. What Marketing thinks about Sales. ITʼS A SHAME SINCE THEY SHARE THE SAME GOAL: GENERATE MORE REVENUE But only 1 in 10 organizations believe they’ve got sales training and demand generation completely aligned. [2] MARKETING NEEDS TO TALK TO SALES, ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO GET A LINE ON REAL PROSPECTS. What questions, outside of our product, are prospects asking? What objections usually arise about our product? What is the biggest pain point we’re solving? Describe the kinds of buyers you talk to the most. How do prospects perceive our brand and product? [3] “ Write down the 50 most frequently asked questions your sales people get from prospects and buyers. Now write 50 blog posts. — Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion [4] SA L E S S H O U L D E N S U R E MARKETING IS CREATING THE CONTENT THEY NEED TO: Break the ice with cold leads Handle objections Train new hires [3] BECAUSE WHEN SALES & MARKETING ARE IN SYNC, ORGANIZATIONS EXPERIENCE... 20% annual revenue growth 36% higher customer retention 38% higher sales win rates [5] SALES & MARKETING ARE REALLY ON THE SAME TEAM. And when the two play well together, their jobs become easier and the results become better. CREATED BY [1] hbr.org/2011/11/how-the-rift-between-sales-and [2] blog.hubspot.com/sales/impact-sales-marketing-misalignment-infographic [3] saleshacker.com/prospecting/how-to-crush-quota-with-content [4] contentmarketinginstitute.com/2012/07/no-excuses-content-marketing-with-marcus-sheridan-interview [5] slideshare.net/HubSpot/the-power-of-smarketing

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