You've Recorded Your Video Blog: Now What?

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Welcome To You've Recorded Your Video Blog Now What?

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Today’s presentation What we’ll talk about today $ Look at the starting point of some video blogs Look at where they are now What you can do to make your edits tighter How to cut out the fluff Add some spice and graphics before you export

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Recording yourself is not easy You can’t be afraid to take the first step—and I’ve figured out that taking almost any step is better than sitting still.

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Flip video filmed back in 2009 chipdizardweddings.com " ! #

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The cubicle chick first video 2009 chipdizardweddings.com " ! #

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The cubicle chick Current video 2015 chipdizardweddings.com " ! #

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Live editing demonstration Here is my process for editing a video

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Amateur and masters The difference between an amateur and a master is that amateurs practice till they get it right, but masters will always practice till they can't get it wrong...Practice till you attain mastery, then deliver seamlessly.

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