MozCon 2015 Coverage Day Three All of the best quotes, stats, tools, and more!

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MozCon 2015 Coverage Day Three All of the best quotes, stats, tools, and more!

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“ Trying to find a new story is hard. One of my favorite things to do is look at existing successful stories. If something works once, there’s a chance that it’s going to work twice. Some of the best trends we found were in print media. You can very quickly identify when there are trends that aren’t going away. full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15 Lexi Mills

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“ Mig Reyes Spend less time on things. You do your best work when you just do what you know. full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15

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“ Number one question you’ll encounter in SEO interviews: What blogs do you read? There are some wrong answers, but there are a lot of different right answers. If you don’t care about SEO enough to read about it in your free time, you’re probably going to wash out in a few years. full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15 Ruth Burr Reedy

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“ Chris Dayley 4 Rule for Radical Conversion Testing: 1. Test multiple hypotheses 2. Separate desktop and mobile - people interact differently with both. 3. Use your tools & break the rules: If you don’t challenge your assumptions, you’re operating on assumptions that might not be true, or dated. 4. Run your tests for AT LEAST two weeks full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15

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“ Talk like your audience. Automate the research process by scraping feeds from niche groups on Google forums, Quora, Twitter advanced search (geotarget it), and Facebook groups. Read Paul Shapiro’s guide to using Knime and rapidminer at itseo.org/knimekws full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15 Gianluca Fiorelli

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“ Courtney Seiter There’s a concept called shared reality that says we don’t experience anything in a vacuum. We use what other people think about something to help ourselves process. 85% of people read comments to process information. It’s important to understand that comments have the ability to change minds. full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15

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“ Courtney Seiter If we like talking about ourselves so much, why would we share? 68% of social sharing is about self-presentation. 78% is about strengthening relationships. 62% is about social currency, raising our own stock or brand. full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15

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“ Facebook search requires very structured statements including: Subject/object Professions as subjects or objects Interests as subjects or objects (and sometimes people) Modifiers Verbs Set relationships David Mihm

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“ Rand Fishkin As Google’s machine/deep learning algorithms put a greater emphasis on query success metrics, we’ll be optimizing less for ranking inputs and more for searcher outputs like High CTR, good engagement, and low bounce rate. full coverage at hmny.co/mozcon15

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“ Rand Fishkin 10% of content gets the vast majority of shares: graph via simplereach