How Social Media Monitoring makes your Business Smarter

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How Social Media Monitoring makes your Business Smarter

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Lack of time Inefficiency Lack of planning Lack of resources No Strategy How much time does your business spend on social media? More marketers are spending more and more time 41% of marketers are using social media for 11hrs or more 19% of marketers are using social media for 20hrs or more (SME 2015 report)

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Be smarter

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Choose the right tools! Tools won’t solve all your problems… …but they’ll make you more efficient! …and productive… …and smart!

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Spying on the competition

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Conversations used to happen in private

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Social Networking in the Medieval Marketplace

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Now we can now see what people are saying in real time

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And that includes how our competitors are using social…

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Supermarket Brand Mentions

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Supermarket Brand Mentions over time

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Conversations with sentiment

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Noise Statistics: On average Americans consume 10 hours of content a day, according to Nielsen 4.9 Billion Connected "Things" Will Be in Use this year How much content can we physically consume per day? How do we stand out? How do you make sense of the data?

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Act quickly

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53% within an hour 33% within 30 minutes How quickly would you expect a brand to respond on social media?

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…but only 11.2% of retail brands respond to questions within an hour (Research by Brandwatch)

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Use a social media management tool to manage engagement

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 Crisis Management - Have a plan! Alerts and Signals

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Embrace Complainers

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Ian Anderson Gray Twitter: @iagdotme Website: www.iag.me Visit iag.me/besmart for more hacks, tips and tricks!