The Secret Sauce: Social Media for Brands in 20 Minutes a Day

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The Secret Sauce: Social Media for Brands in 20 Minutes a Day! June 30, 2015! Harrison Blum, Owner at Z Interactive, LLC! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Topics Covered Today! •  The Engagement Funnel! •  Building a Social Media Marketing System! •  Running Facebook Ads Like the Pros! •  Converting Facebook Fans into Qualified Leads! •  Steps to Automate Your Social Media Marketing! •  6 Ways to Own the Facebook Newsfeed! •  Resources for Continued Success! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Welcome Harrison Blum - Consultant - Owner at Z Interactive, LLC! Harrison Blum is the owner of Z Interactive. He is an accomplished marketing professional with broad agency and entrepreneurial experience with a long history of building remarkable brands.! ! Harrison has extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry where he began his career working with concert promotion giants AEGLive and LiveNation.! ! He has proven success in brand development, content marketing and social strategy where he’s had the pleasure working with companies like New Line Cinema, Margaritaville Caribbean, Bowers & Wilkins and On The Border.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Managing your social media activities every single day, staying on top of the latest tech trends, and ensuring you get a decent ROI from the time and money you invest can be a great big headache for so many busy business owners, entrepreneurs and social media managers.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Welcome! “Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email.”! Business Insider! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Marketing professionals spend the most time on social media.! Social Media Examiner! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Where do we spend so much time on social media?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Curating, Finding & Posting Content ! Learning & Continued Education ! Analyzing Efforts! Analyzing Competition! MOST TIME CONSUMING! @HarrisonBlum! Responding to Comments & Questions! LEAST TIME CONSUMING! #RocksDigital!

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This is most likely due to…! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Inefficient Time Management! Limited or Limiting Resources! Simply Overwhelmed! Wasting Time! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Where do we start?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Establish Goals & Objectives! Define Their Audience ! Define Brand Personality & Tone! Discover Their Brand Differentiator! Define The Customer Journey! Develop a Strategy! Test, Test, Test! ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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We had our work cut our for us!! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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BUILD AUDIENCE! ENGAGEMENT! CONVERSION! Blitzmetrics! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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BUILD AUDIENCE! Blitzmetrics! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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ENGAGEMENT! Blitzmetrics! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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CONVERSION! Blitzmetrics! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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CONVERSION! Blitzmetrics! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Don’t want to build a landing page? Create a Facebook App or Microsite!! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Implement an email automation series! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Understanding this helps focus our mission with social media.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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How did we save time?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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How did we save time?! We developed a system for repeatable success! ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Starting with implementing a social media management system for posting regular updates. ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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I Google Docs!! •  Accessible ! •  Collaborative! •  Easy to refine and make changes to.! ! @HarrisonBlum! 37! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! 38! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! 39! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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The best affordable social media scheduling tool on the market. ! ! @HarrisonBlum! 41! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! 42! #RocksDigital!

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The best affordable social media scheduling tool on the market. ! ! One of the most well-known social media tools. Very affordable and easy-to-use but not quite as intuitive as Buffer.! ! @HarrisonBlum! 43! #RocksDigital!

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The best affordable social media scheduling tool on the market. ! ! One of the most well-known social media tools. Very affordable and easy-to-use but not quite as intuitive as Buffer.! ! Provides helpful scheduling tools, a decent monitoring platform. You can also track keywords.! ! @HarrisonBlum! 44! #RocksDigital!

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QUICK TIP: Post Natively to Facebook! ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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eMarketer @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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QUICK TIP: Boosting Posts Ensures Exposure ! ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Specific targeting and a $50 budget yielded a 5,000% lift in Facebook Engagement and a 156% Increase in Website Traffic during a two week long campaign.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Download Pages App! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Build Your Content Strategy & Pipeline! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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“Extraordinary content starts with an extraordinary idea.”! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Share Content That’s Useful, Memorable, and Relevant. ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Before we go further let’s define what “Content Marketing” is. ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Think less about what to post next and more about what to do next that’s worth posting.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Ask yourself these 3 questions:! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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1.  What does my community care about?! 2.  Who are we authentically?! 3.  How can we deliver an extraordinary brand proposition?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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6 things you need to be doing with your content! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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1! Sharing Native Video – NOT Links! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Screen Shot from Facebook Insights! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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2! Sharing GREAT Visual Content ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Super Fast! Image Creation Resources! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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3! A good sense of humor will take you far!! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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4! Boost Your Posts! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Google Analytics @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Google Analytics @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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5! Get Creative with Trending Topics! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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6! @HarrisonBlum! Test, Test, Test! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Build Your Content Pipeline! @HarrisonBlum! 78! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Apps, Extensions & Extras! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Did you know…! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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The average reach for brand pages is 6%.! Locowise - February 2015! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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5 timeless steps to generating leads (and profit!) from Facebook Advertising.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 1: Create an offer so good that people would (theoretically) pay for it.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 2: Create a landing page! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 3: Create your audiences! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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The top 3 performers are:! Website Visitors! Email & Phone Database! Local Suburb (Interest Targeting)! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 4: Build your Ads! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 1: Choose your objective @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 2: Who do you want your ads to reach?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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If you try to target everyone, you will reach no one.! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Facebook will make suggestions! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Example Interests & Behaviors! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Example Interests & Behaviors! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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How much do you want to spend?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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What text and links do you want to use?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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So what’s possible?! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Step 5: Review, Refine, Refresh, Repeat! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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1.) Topics! 2.) Headline! 3.) Copy! 4.) Call-to-action! 5.) Ad spend! 6.) Targeting! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Feeling Overwhelmed? ! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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@HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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Thank You! http://social.zinteractiveagency.com/RocksDigital Harrison Blum! Social Media Expert! Certified Social Media Trainer! ! Z Interactive! http://zinteractiveco.com! hblum@zinteractiveco.com! (970)389-3515! @HarrisonBlum! #RocksDigital!

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