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Social Media Influencer Here’s why we need them

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Who are “Influencers” An influencer can be defined in two ways: By the number of followers the person has on Social Media. The expertise displayed by the person on the subject. Or let’s put it as: Influencer = Following + Knowledge

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Influencers understand the market, the audience, the psychology of the customers and hence the way to cater to that market as well!

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Examples Twitter Vine LinkedIn

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Facebook YouTube

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Non Celebrity Influencers

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Why and How are they Helpful?

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1 Wider Reach An influencer is just what their name suggests. They are looked up to by a large number of Followers. Their opinion matters! So, when they talk about your brand and the world listens. a

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2 Famous your brand If an influencer is talking about your brand, so are his/her followers and eventually their Friends and the friends of friends. We see a chain in this process, do you? i.e. The higher the number of followers an influencer has, wider is the reach of your brand.

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3 Quality content Influencers have a huge following and are highly appreciated because people confide in them and the content they put out is considered as high value content. Almost like information that people use as reference to your brand.

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4 Building Relationship Influencers often maintain a good relationship with their followers, thus keeping them informed about important topics, clearing their doubts and communicating the needful. Through influencers a brand can communicate with their audience. i.e. It is an indirect yet full proof way to build a relationship with your brands target market!

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5 Their insights matter Influencers are more often than not, experts from the industry. They stay updated about latest trends and have better insights about the industry. In fact, in many cases, they are the trendsetters themselves. Through influencers you can not just reach your TG but also reach these newest ideas!

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Influencers Vs Advocates Influencers Well known people, generally bloggers, experts or celebrities. Work on a payment model, in forms of perks, gifts or financial benefits. Have a greater fan following. Advocates People from your customer base. Talk good about you out of experience. Genuine and more effective when it comes to word of mouth.

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Popular is not Equal to Influencer On the other hand, if a scientist talks about the nuclear weapon it would be highly appreciated. Slim in 10 Days Nuclear Weapons A popular figure might not always be an influencer, especially in domains where they do not practice expertise.

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