Write Awesome Twitter and Facebook Posts With This Guide

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OUR micro CONTENT WORKFLOW Here’s our simple workflow to create the most effective social media images for your posts. Read your blog post out loud and write down all sentences that define it. 1 Choose 3-4 sentences that you think catch the most attention. 2 Prepare a series of 1024x512 images with the sentences you chose. 3 If you don’t know how to design these word bite images go to Twitter, open any relevant hashtag, and scroll through the list of tweets fairly quickly. 4 CONTENT Research hashtags relevant to your content. 5 SEO CONTENTMARKETING GROWTHACKING SMM BUSINESS For every image you have, prepare 3 different Tweets. 6 If you mention someone in the post (or even better quote them), be sure to put that quote on the image and use it as well. 7 „That was a great weekend!” as said @Sample Attach UTM tags to your links so you know which image people clicked. 8 CLICK HERE Now with everything ready – images, blog posts – it’s time to post your Tweets. 9 PUBLISH 9 8 7 SOCIALMEDIA 1 2 The whole point of having so many images and correlating Tweets is to be ableto spread them through time. 3 4 6 5 facebook.com/contellio www.contellio.com twitter.com/contellio

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