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Cracking How to ACTUALLY Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads and Sales For Your Company Josh Turner

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Most businesses don’t have a clue how to use LinkedIn to cultivate honest, real relationships. We’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to actually connect with people and generate tons of leads in the process. WE DO.

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WHAT IS LINKEDIN? BUT IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT Most businesses view LinkedIn as a necessary evil: something they have to be on, but don’t really know how to use.

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THAT’S LINKEDIN IMAGINE THIS There’s a place where millions of leading business people are not only within reach, but are actively looking to connect with you.

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IT’S THIS SIMPLE If you’re selling B2B and you want to find the decision makers at a company, you’ll find them on LinkedIn.

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WHY LINKEDIN IS ESSENTIAL It’s Facebook for business. Everyone’s on it – and if you’re not, you’re Seen as unprofessional. But even if you’ve got an account, chances are you use LinkedIn sub optimally (the same way everyone else does).

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BUT… HOW DO MOST PEOPLE USE LINKEDIN? As an online, up-to-date Rolodex – an enormous, accurate database of professional contacts. They also send messages, check on connections, and seek out employers and employees.

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HERE’S THE TRUTH NONE of these common practices come even CLOSE to leveraging the true power of LinkedIn.

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HOW TO REALLY USE LINKEDIN So what should you be doing on LinkedIn? Creating and participating in LinkedIn Groups.

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THE POWER OF THE GROUP Creating your own LinkedIn group positions yourself as a leader. Once a week, you can send a group email blast to share content or promote your business.

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You’re communicating on a network designed specifically for people interested in growing their businesses and careers. Start with the industries that you're interested in targeting, the geographic areas you want to focus on. Next, determine what size companies to target. YOU CAN EMAIL, SO WHAT?

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Decide which types of people within those target companies you want to form relationships with. Who are the people that make decisions at these companies? FINDING DECISIONMAKERS

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USE LINKEDIN’S SEARCH Search LinkedIn for different job titles you just listed. You should find thousands - which is great, because now you know you have plenty of prospects to reach out to. Now narrow them down by the criteria you decided on above.

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DO THEY USE LINKEDIN? Do the people you found actually use LinkedIn, or do they just have an account “because everyone does”? Only add active users to your growing list of potential prospects.

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THE RESULT? When we do this for clients, we typically find thousands of highly engaged prospects to go after - sometimes tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

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SLIMMING DOWN THE LIST Narrow your list down to 2,000 to 3,000 of the best prospects – people who are most likely to buy from you.

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NOW…CONNECT Invite them to connect with you. Make it personal: Include their first name, something you admire about their business, or a mutual LinkedIn connection. Not only is this the human way to interact with people, it increases the chances of your connection being accepted.

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RINSE AND REPEAT By now, you should have a database of strong potential clients to start working. Once you’ve done your initial database build, then it’s time to begin a personal messaging campaign.

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THE MESSAGING CAMPAIGN Start by sending a few friendly messages - nothing about your business, no selling, just connecting and sharing things that might interest them.

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POSSIBLE FIRST MESSAGE For example: “Hey, Mark, thanks for connecting. Congrats on your success, looks like [insert personal comment]

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“There’s a discussion going on in my LinkedIn group right now on [subject they’re interested in]. I bet you’d have some great insights to share. Here’s the link if you’re interested: [link]” POSSIBLE SECOND MESSAGE

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MAKING THE ASK… “Hey Mark, we’ve been touching base here on LinkedIn for a while now. It’d be great to learn more about your business. Do you have time for a call next Thursday between 10am and noon?.”

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REMEMBER, THIS IS PERSONAL While there’s no way to automate the process (these are all personal messages that are honest and build real relationships), the time is absolutely worth it.

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IT’S ABOUT BEING… Consistent, not eager. Friendly, not flattering. Personal, not salesy. Professional, not formal. Building REAL relationships with REAL people. The question is… what are you waiting for?

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