Content is for Closers: How to Leverage Content for Sales Enablement

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ABOUT UBERFLIP We help marketers create, manage and optimize the content experience – no IT required! Power your content library, resource center, blog and more. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Forget Coffee. Content Is For Closers @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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But, why? Because content works. But it also changes things. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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By 2020, 85% of the relationship will be managed without talking to a sales person. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Content is everywhere and easy to access @Uberflip @HanaAbaza People are more informed than ever before #pipecon The lines are blurring between marketing & sales

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Marketing Sales Think Like Sales Act Like Marketing @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Then Fit @Uberflip @HanaAbaza Pain #pipecon

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Then Fit @Uberflip @HanaAbaza Now Pain Pain Fit #pipecon

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@Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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THESE ARE INBOUND LEADS Don’t lead with the pitch. Do lead with their interests. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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BULLSH*T? Content is great for awareness Content is great for lead gen But can content help close deals? @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Content Can & Should Persuade Educate Clarify the Value Prop Manage Objections Accelerate Sales @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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BUT… @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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BUT… Only if it’s done right. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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76% of Content Marketers Forget About Sales Enablement (!) @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Internet Person Awareness Problem Top of the funnel Middle of the funnel Solution Short List Bottom of the funnel Marketing Qualified Lead @Uberflip @HanaAbaza Purchase Sales Follow Up #pipecon Implement

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Internet Person Awareness Problem Top of the funnel Middle of the funnel Solution Bottom of the funnel Short List Implement Big black void where bad things happen. Marketing Qualified Lead @Uberflip @HanaAbaza Purchase Sales Follow Up #pipecon

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Internet Awareness I think I have a problem, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Person Problem Solution Got it! Now I need to research my options. Short List Purchase So many solutions! I’ll evaluate the top three. Marketing & Sales Lead Qualification Content Marketing & Sales Enablement Content @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon Implement Did I make the right choice? How do I get more value?

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So how do we get there? I’ll show you. But first, a little myth-busting J @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: Content Is The Marketers Domain @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: TRUTH: Content Is The Marketers Domain Content Is Informed By Everyone @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: Salespeople Don’t Care. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: TRUTH: Salespeople Don’t Care Effective Salespeople Do Care @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: Salespeople Are Lazy. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: TRUTH: Salespeople Are Lazy Sometimes. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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MYTH: TRUTH: Salespeople Are Lazy Sometimes. Mostly, they’re just busy. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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A FRAMEWORK Align Content & Sales Organize Content Tailor The Experience

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CONTENT ALIGNMENT Demand gen and sales training teams report the least alignment between asset / content development. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Figure out what kind of content they need. Align content creation with insight from sales. Address (and reinforce) common pain points. Create content that manages objections. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Questions to Ask ü  What are the top non-product related questions you get? ü  What are the common pain points? ü  What are the common objections? @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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@Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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ORGANIZE YOUR CONTENT 65% of sales reps say they can’t find content to send to prospects. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Content must be easy for buyers and your sales team to find. Spoon feed if necessary. Your Content Top of the Funnel Middle of the Funnel By Topic @Uberflip @HanaAbaza Bottom of the Funnel By Type By Vertical #pipecon By Persona

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Use a Multi-Channel Approach with your Audience and your Sales Team @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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ü  Content Library ü  Links In Email Templates ü  Send “Marketing Updates” ü  Give An Excuse To Reach Out ü  Newsletters, Webinar, Weekly Meetings etc. ü  Empower Your Sales Team @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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The Story of How One Sales Rep Uses Content @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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TAILOR THE EXPERIENCE For content to be effective, it must be relevant and tailored to the buyer’s specific needs. @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Meet Jon, an Account Executive at Uberflip @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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“Wouldn’t it be great if I could create a tailored page of content just for Netskope?” @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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@Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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ü  Done in minutes ü  Highly targeted ü  Actionable ü  Measurable ü  Repeatable @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Marketing & Sales Working Together @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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KEY TAKEAWAYS ü  Align content with insight from sales. ü  Organize content buyers and your team. ü  Tailor the content experience, @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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Not Sold Yet? ubrflp.in/contentisforclosers @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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THANK YOU! Questions? I’ve got answers! hub.uberflip.com @Uberflip @HanaAbaza #pipecon

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