Introduction to Mozcon 2015

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“The internet is not a friendly place. Things that don't stay relevant don't even get the luxury of leaving ruins. They disappear.” - Facebook’s Little Red Book

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Via Backchannel

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Via Google

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Google is willing to kill display ads to build a new way of funding web content

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Facebook is willing to admit defeat on its own products and pay billions to acquire other social players

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Google’s willing to sacrifice huge amounts of revenue to provide a better, more addictive user experience.

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Even Microsoft, long a bastion of protectionist thinking, is willing to hurt core products in order to innovate: Via The Economist

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What About Us Web Marketers?

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Historically, we’ve lagged the industry: Google, Facebook, Web Users Marketers

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Our innovation is usually restricted to the areas we’re allowed to control and influence.

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It’s not certain what SEO will be as our industry grows up…

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Would we risk our current value propositions In order to innovate and grow?

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Will mobile, apps, brand, content, etc. become allies Or will they be the trends that disrupt us?

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A Changing Industry

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We’ve seen massive growth in the number of web marketing professionals (greatest in content marketing & strategy) Via Twitter & Optimal Targeting

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After substantial growth from 2010-2014, interest in social media and content marketing seem to be flattening.

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“SEO” remains the dominant term in our field.

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More time on brand strategy More time on content curation Less time on link building More time managing people More time on press & PR More time on social media More time on reputation mgmt What an SEO does is in constant flux (2013 vs. 2015):

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We Face an Increasingly Complex Landscape

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More Searches, Searchers, & Searches / Searcher Than Ever Before: Via RKG’s Quarterly Digital Marketing Report

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But even with that growth, Google’s overall share of referral traffic is shrinking Some combo of social, direct, & referral traffic must be growing even faster.

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Google’s showing fewer ads on average. Whoa!

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But, they’re charging more, on average, per ad: Perhaps Google’s sacrificing number of ads to boost quality and/or searcher happiness…

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Mobile has become huge and keeps growing, but, weirdly hasn’t cannibalized desktop:

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Mobile search is growing rapidly, while desktop search growth has flattened. Via AJ Kohn & Comscore

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Some things stay the same: Google’s still ~90% of global search and ~80% of US search

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Facebook, similarly, sends about 90% of all social media referrals.

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This, despite the fact that Facebook organic reach is incredibly low (though better for small brands & pages): Via Locowise

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Social traffic is creeping up on organic search in total referral volume for some verticals (like news/media) Via Twitter

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But businesses that invest in multiple channels still see email & SEO as ROI leaders (social trails far behind) How do you rate the following channels in terms of return on investment? Via Econsultancy

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After years of facing off, the EU finally filed formal charges against Google for abusing their monopoly in shopping results. Via NYTimes

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But, in the US, Google’s lobbying expenditures will probably keep American politicians from pursuing the company. Via Reuters

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This, despite the FTC believing Google was guilty of some serious violations. Via WSJ

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Via Twitter Search results continue to trend toward Larry Page’s vision of delivering a complete answer.

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Apps in search results create an entirely new market of potential customers/employers for SEOs.

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SEO for apps may help that medium reach the 65%+ of folks who don’t download any new apps. Via Time.com

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Sadly, we’re losing our last source of keyword referral data as Bing, too, goes “not provided” Via Bing

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All this Change Feels Overwhelming

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Mozcon 2015 is Here to Help

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We have a unique speaker selection process to bring diverse ideas from across the industry,

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A Mozcon App for both Android & iPhone

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The Monday night pub crawl across 6 bars in Belltown

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A special new event Tuesday night at Benaroya Hall - where Seattle’s Symphony plays - Mozcon Ignite!

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Wednesday night, of course, our party at The Garage

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A nifty selection of goodies to bring home

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The photobooth with Roger Mozbot

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Handmade espresso courtesy of our friends from La Marzocco and Stumptown

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Moz engineers and product managers at our booths who’d love to talk with you about what we should build next…

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Several new Moz product launches…

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A team of Mozzers who want to help make your experience here the best it can be.

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I have just one request…

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Get Ready for an Amazing Mozcon!

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