The Busy Business Owner's Guide to Email Marketing

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The Busy Business Owner’s Guide to Email Marketing Kingsford Consulting / The SMBA Program

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Don’t have a mailing list? You’re missing out. ➢ For every $1 invested in email marketing, there’s an average $44.25 return. That’s an ROI of 4425%.
 ➢ In 2012, email advertising revenue reached $156 million in the United States… and it’s still growing! ! ➢ 44% of people receiving emails made at least one purchase based on promotional email.

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“But it’s sooo much work!” False.

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Trust us, it’s easy.
 Just follow these: 5 Steps and tips to developing your email marketing activities. But #1, you’re doing anyway… right?!! ! ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Content!! Sign up and set up! Keep your audience in mind! Shine through! Increase your reach

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#1 – Collect that juicy content As part of your overall business activity, you’re already gathering content (if you aren’t, we can help with that). For email marketing, you just have to plan it.! ! ➢ Have a look at all your content so far. This could be White Papers, Blog Posts, Special Offers, Infographics, etc. ! ! ➢ On a calendar, mark down when you can broadcast these items. More on this here. ! ! ➢ Look to the future. Build into that calendar the new content you plan to produce. It’ll force you to get it done on time.

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#2 – Sign up and set up Email marketing management systems are a must. Even for the smallest of lists, you’re not going to want to individually email everyone your upcoming promotions or awesome new content. ! ! They enable you to:! ! ➢ Schedule content. You can plan ahead. Stay ahead. Save time.! ! ➢ Autorespond. Depending on your business, autoresponding let’s you schedule specific emails based on a contact’s actions. Example: A welcome email when they subscribe.! ➢ ! Manage your contacts. All in one nice, convenient place. ! ! ➢ Analyze. Know what content is being clicked on, and what’s not. Know who even opened the email, and who unsubscribed. Whoever is reading all your emails might be a good place to start making sales calls.

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#2 – Sign up and set up There are a lot of email management systems out there. We use Constant Contact, but each system has pros and cons depending on your needs.! ! Hey – try these! ! Click the pic to explore and learn more.! They all have free-trials or free
 versions for you to test out &
 find your best fit.

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#3 – Keep it relevant Email marketing comes in a few different forms, and depending on your business you’ll want one (or a combo) that fits your activities and audience best. SOME EXAMPLES ! ! 1. This week’s best blogs! 2. New e-book announcement! 3. 75% off everything! What a steal! SOME TIPS ! ! 1. Bring value to the lives of your audience. ! 2. Spam sucks, and it doesn’t help you. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

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#4 – Personality Authentic subject lines that show your 
 personality are 22% more likely to be opened!! ! ! ! ! Show that personality of yours. Or rather, your business’ personality.! ! ➢ Let your audience get to know your company and your brand. ! ! ➢ Let them feel like they’re hearing from people, not a machine.! ! ➢ Your personality should shine through in your content and in your emails. ! ! ➢ It should be consistent. Otherwise, it’ll be confusing.

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#5 – Build that list You want people to listen to what you’re saying. You want to reach as many people as possible. Sorry – correction: You want to reach as many of the right people as possible. ! ! Which means: Don’t buy email lists. 
 There are plenty of ways to build your list, including sharing your emails on social media, encouraging your audience to forward the emails, and adding a subscription form popup plug-in on your web page. ! ! ! These apps let your subscription form to pop up RIGHT in the knick of time (they have exit intelligence – oooooh ahhhh):

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#5 – Build that list Sit back and watch the people roll in. 
 But don’t watch too long. ! They’ll leave if you stop offering 
 them cool stuff. ! ! And remember, SPAM = BAD.

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Digital marketing isn’t the only way to chase leads and seal the deal. Keep an eye out for our upcoming The Busy Business Owner’s Guide   to an Effective Sales Package   In 5 steps or less, of course.

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