6 Event Tools You're Not Using With Eventbrite...But Probably should

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6 Event Tools You’re Not Using with Eventbrite …But Probably Should

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• 99designs will design an awesome header for your event page. • You can connect your account to 99 designs, and they’ll event put the design in your page for you! https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum/99designs/

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• Add photos and information about event speakers directly into your Eventbrite event page. https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum/sched/

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• Make beautiful emails to promote events and communicate with attendees. • Sync names and email addresses of attendees with lists in your MailChimp account https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum/mailchimp/

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• Add event information to any page on your WordPress.com site. • Add a list of all your Eventbrite events to your WordPress.com site • Add a side-bar widget that shows a calendar with your event dates. https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum/wordpress/

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• Make badges fast. Design a badge template, link your Eventbrite account and import your event attendees. https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum/conference-badges/

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• Survey your attendees with a one click import of attendee information into SurveyMonkey https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum/surveymonkey/

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Design Describe Promote Inform Prepare Learn /www.eventbrite.com/spectrum Learn More: https:/

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