Marketing Hacks for Using Marketo

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MARKETING AUTOMATION HACKS: Justin Norris Senior Consultant, Perkuto @justinnorris #uberwebinar @uberflip Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza

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WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar ☺) #MAHacks @uberflip

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WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar ☺) Join in on #MAHacks @uberflip

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Stay Tuned For The Demo How Uberflip & Marketo Work Together CONVERT, CONNECT AND UNDERSTAND LEADS #MAHacks @uberflip

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MEET THE EXPERT Justin Norris Senior Consultant, Perkuto Street Cred: •  Startup marketer •  Marketo & SFDC consultant •  Marketo power-user since 2012 •  Top 20 contributor to the Marketo Community •  #TORMUG Co-Leader #MAHacks @uberflip

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LET’S GET HACKING! #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #1: Think Like an Engineer •  Marketo is programming with a graphical interface •  Marketo is a logic machine — who/what/when + if/then/else •  Marketo gives you complete flexibility: you can create something awesome OR build a fragile, unscalable system •  Architecture matters! #MAHacks @uberflip Credit: Isaac Wyatt, New Relic!

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Analogy: Pre-Fabricated vs. Design/Build vs #MAHacks @uberflip

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Start with Process •  Your MA system should be designed around your Revenue Funnel •  How does a lead become a deal? Where do leads enter the system? Major milestones? Interactions with sales? #MAHacks @uberflip

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Build for Scale and Flexibility •  Define operational systems to manage centralized functions •  Don’t duplicate triggers - one “controller” can request all related steps •  What processes can be asynchronous? Which are dependent? Define a critical path •  Consolidate logic into a single place •  Make it intuitive - function should be visible from glancing at the tree #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #2: Template and Tokenize for Fast Deployment •  Each marketing program = a distinct marketing initiative •  Goal: standardize programs and deploy them as quickly as possible •  E.g., 10 minutes for a new webinar, new gated white paper, etc. •  Standardized format ensures good data and good reporting #MAHacks @uberflip

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Use a Cascading Token Framework •  Universal tokens defined at the top level of the tree •  Additional tokens at the folder level •  More just at the program level •  New tokens = more overhead; re-use tokens as much as possible •  Use the right token types (text. vs. rich text) •  Bonus! See the resources for a webinar checklist #MAHacks @uberflip Universal Level: {{my.CompanyName}}, {{my.CopyrightYear}}, {{my.UniversalHeader}}, {{my.GlobalCSS}}, etc.! Folder Level: {{my.PresenterName}}, {{my.PresenterBio}}, {{my.FolderCSS}}, etc.! Program Level: {{my.PresenterName}}, {{my.PresenterBio}}, {{my.WebinarDate}}, {{my.ProgramCSS}}, etc.!

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No More Editing Assets •  Clone a program, populate tokens, and away you go •  Assets update dynamically (no slow approvals) •  Mix program and lead tokens to combine personalization with program-specific content #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #3: Fun with Trigger Tokens •  Trigger tokens, a.k.a. “Tokens for Interesting Moments” have many cool uses •  E.g., “Last form completed”, “First landing page converted”, “Last email clicked” •  Useful for routing and centralization — e.g., if last form completed = x, send alert y •  Useful for attribution — e.g., capture last email clicked before MQL, before Oppty #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #4: Token Concatenation •  Instead of saving only “first” or “last” values, concatenation allows you to keep “all” data value changes •  Use a “last touch” field plus a canonical/ historical field •  Change data value: canonical field = {{last touch field}}, {{canonical field}} •  Use “contains” filters to report •  Time-stamp optional “@{{system.date}}: {{lead.Utm Source}}, 
 {{lead.Utm Source Historical}}” “@06/15/2015: Google Adwords, @03/22/2015: LinkedIn, @09/05/2014: Twitter, @09/01/2015: Partner Webinar…..” #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #5: Use Segmentations for Complex Logic •  Whenever you want to “bucket” someone (e.g. Lead Source, Persona) Segmentations are a good choice •  Contain complex logic in a centralized place •  Segment changes are triggered off of Change Data Value, like “dynamic static lists” — faster than smart lists •  Limitation: no behavioural filters •  Work around: use “Member of List” filter (bonus hack!) #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #6: Save those URL Parameters •  URL parameters: the lifeblood of your campaign attribution •  What happens when leads don’t convert on the first page? •  Save those parameters to cookies! •  Deploy javascript code on your website •  Modify forms to include hidden fields pulling values from cookies •  Cookies persist even if the lead leaves your site and returns later •  Code from Marketo support https://nation.marketo.com/docs/DOC-1101 #MAHacks @uberflip

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Hack #7: Dead Man’s Switch •  Triggers are inherently positive - they react when something happens •  But sometimes it’s just as important to react to what leads don’t do •  Solution: Dead Man’s Switch •  Simple three-part formula with many applications •  E.g, create task if opportunity is NOT updated, send alert if NO web page activity, request special campaign if NO engagement, etc. #MAHacks @uberflip screenshot of last form tokens !

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Part 1: Reset Campaign •  Contains a trigger for a specified action •  Remove from “Wait Step” campaign, then request it again, resetting the wait period •  Restrict qualification rules to once per day to avoid race conditions #MAHacks @uberflip screenshot of last form tokens !

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Part 2: Wait Campaign •  Request-able trigger •  Waits for x days (hours, months, etc.) •  Then requests action campaign #MAHacks @uberflip screenshot of last form tokens !

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Part 3: Action Campaign •  Request-able trigger •  Performs desired action (create task, send alert, assign program membership, etc.) #MAHacks @uberflip screenshot of last form tokens !

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RESOURCES Marketing Automation is Engineering - Isaac Wyatt Presentation @ MarTech Conference: www.slideshare.net/MarTechConf/marketing-automation-is-engineering-marketing-operations-is-dev-ops The Ultimate Webinar Checklist: perkuto.com/webinar-checklist Tokens Cheat Sheet - Edward Unthank: edwardunthank.com/blog/marketo-rich-text-tokens-and-marketo-text-tokens-uses-and-functionality Javascript to convert URL Parameters to Cookies https://nation.marketo.com/docs/DOC-1101 #MAHacks @uberflip

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#MAHacks @uberflip

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UBERFLIP PUTS MARKETERS IN CONTROL We put the ability to manage and leverage the content experience in the marketer’s hands. #MAHacks @uberflip

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HOW IT WORKS Connect your content: To a beautiful, optimized front-end experience that is: ORGANIZED DISCOVERABLE PERSONALIZED SOCIAL With built-in tools to: CONVERT, CONNECT AND UNDERSTAND LEADS #MAHacks @uberflip RESPONSIVE

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•  Create CTAs •  Gate Content •  Marketing Automation •  Aggregate •  Curate •  Personalize Manage Content Deliver Insights •  Content score •  Uberflip metrics •  Marketing Automation #MAHacks @uberflip Generate Leads Automate Process •  Auto update •  Smart filters •  Scheduling

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UBERFLIP USE CASES Resource Center #MAHacks @uberflip Blog Upgrade Content Library Sales Enablement

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Supercharge Your Content •  •  •  •  •  •  #MAHacks @uberflip Sync Contacts Progressive Profiling Track Buyer Journey Trigger Campaigns Gate Premium Content Enhance Lead Scoring

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THE UBERFLIP EXPERIENCE @wistia @uberflip!

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QUESTION TIME! Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza Justin Norris Senior Consultant, Perkuto @justinnorris hub.uberflip.com #MAHacks @uberflip

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