The Beginner's Guide to Twitter for CMOs

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@joshsteimle The beginner’s guide to Twitter for CMOs.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle The problem. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle If you’re part of the Digital marketing for 2/3 of CMOs who tech companies. aren’t active on Twitter, this is for you.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Why Twitter? Digital marketing for I want to increase sales for my business techto increase customer loyalty companies. I want • • I want to become a thought leader • I want to get a book deal • I want to write for a major publication • I want to find business partners • I want to get breaking marketing news • I want to recruit A-players for my team •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Let’s get started. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle We’ll assume you Digital marketing for already have a Twitter tech companies. account.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #1. Setting your Digital marketing for account up correctly. tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Upload photos, Digital marketing for complete your bio. tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #2. Q: Desktop or for Digital marketingapp? tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle A: Both, but app first. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Q: Why? Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle A: We live in an Digital marketing for increasingly mobiletech companies. first world. And the app is easier for most things.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #3. Following. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Who to follow: Digital marketing for Co-workers tech companies. People you know • • Authors and journalists you read • Industry experts • Anyone, just to get them to follow you back •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Take the suggestions Digital marketing for seriously. tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Want to keep close Digital marketing for tabs? tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #4. Retweets and Digital marketing for favoriting. tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle When to retweet: Digital marketing for Related to your business/industry tech companies. Related to your job role/function • • Of interest to your followers • Whatever, whenever, just to get the attention of the person you’re retweeting •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle When to favorite: Digital marketing for Same rules as retweeting tech companies. + If you want to save something to • • read later

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #5. Tweeting etiquette. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Don’t spam. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Be nice. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle How often should for Digital marketing I post? tech companies. Source: http://blog.sumall.com/journal/how-often-you-should-post-to-social-media.html

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle But it depends. Just Digital marketing for remember rule #1 tech companies. don’t spam.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #6. Hashtags. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Hashtags are like Digital marketing for categories. tech companies. Posting about marketing? Add #marketing. Tweeting about SEO? Add #SEO.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Tweets with hashtags Digital marketing for receive 2x more tech companies. engagement. Source: http://linchpinseo.com/infographic-twitter-tweet-cheat-sheet

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #7. Search. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Use it to find images, Digital marketing for individual tweets, tech companies. accounts to follow, and more.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #8. Direct messages. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Until recently, limited Digital marketing for to 140 characters tech companies. per message. No limit now.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Use DMs wisely. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #9. Getting followers. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle First, don’t believe the Digital marketing for hype. tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle She’s not alone. Digital marketing for tech companies. Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngreathouse/2012/08/27/celebrities-with-the-mostallegedly-fake-twitter-followers/

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Lesson: Don’t buy Digital marketing for followers. Prune tech companies. fake ones.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle To get marketing for Digitalreal followers: Follow others tech companies. Engage in conversation • • Retweet • Favorite • Share meaningful, focused content •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Don’t forget to put Digital marketing for links to your profile tech companies. everywhere. Email signature • Blog • Website •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle #10. Useful tools. Digital marketing for tech companies.

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Buffer. marketing Digital Best for: for Easy sharing of images, URLs tech companies. Scheduling tweets • • Doing the above across multiple accounts • www.buffer.com •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Hootsuite. Best for: Digital marketing for Simple for single user to manage multiple tech companies. accounts at once • • www.hootsuite.com

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Sprout marketing for: Digital Social. Bestfor Multiple users managing lots of accounts tech companies. Agencies • • Companies with many profiles • www.sproutsocial.com •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Tweepi. Best for: Digital marketing for Figuring how who to follow tech companies. follow Pruning inactive profiles you • • • www.tweepi.com

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Twitter Counter. Best Digital marketing for for: tech companies. Seeing follower growth at a glance • www.twittercounter.com •

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@joshsteimle @joshsteimle Warble. Best for: Digital marketing for Google Alerts for Twitter tech companies. Twitter Receive alerts for keywords on • • • www.warble.co

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@joshsteimle Want more? @joshsteimle josh@mwi.com www.mwi.com/blog

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