The 25 Best “Quotes” from the 2015 CANNES LIONS

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The 25 Best “Quotes” from the 2015 CANNES LIONS David Berkowitz CMO, MRY @MRY @dberkowitz David.Berkowitz@mry.com www.mry.com

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“Amid the tech wiring, data streams and programmatic connections dancing around us, simple ideas matter more than ever. Fundamentals endure. And resistance is futile.” – Pete Blackshaw, Nestle Source: Ad Age

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“What’s fascinating about Instagram is how it is changing the way consumers behave and seek experiences.” - Matt Britton, MRY Source: @SMG_MENA

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“Why will anyone give a damn? As creative problem solvers, I think this is the most important question we can ask ourselves of any idea. People need to care about it.” Michael Canning,72andSunny Source: Adweek

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“Being underestimated is a great gift because you get challenged to set the bar much higher.” – Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola Source: @Global_SMG

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“I’m terrified to not have the courage to be authentic… It takes courage to have a voice.” – Viola Davis, Actor and Producer Source: Page Six

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“Design is a fantastic way to keep the emotional bond with the consumer.” – Gianluca Di Tondo, Heineken International Source: @HeinekenCannes

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“I love the friction creativity and data. Data and science is liberating for creativity because it offers a foundation. We are not scared of it.” – David Droga, Droga 5 Source: Campaign Live

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“You can’t buy your way to innovation; you have to earn your way by having peer-to-peer communication.” – Richard Edelman, Edelman Global Source: PRweek

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“I think that the best advertising helps to drive cultural conversations.” – Kim Getty, Deutsch LA Source: Mashable

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“It’s always helpful when you can distill things. Take a complex problem and make it easy to understand.” – Bob Greenberg, R/GA Source: The Drum

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“I use my interactions on social media as a focus group.” – Kim Kardashian, Entertainer Source: @Global_SMG

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“The future of social content is short, snackable and automatic.” – Peter Kim, Cheil Worldwide Source: @Cannes_Lions

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“Great brands understand that adding value is the best way to get consumers to reach for them on the shelves.” –Ram Krishnan, Frito-Lay Source: Ramalytics

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“Digital has changed our industry completely. If you don’t change, you are out of the picture.” – Maurice Levy, Publicis Groupe Source: WSJ

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“Clicking is a public act, I would argue a moral one too. With every click we make a choice.” – Monica Lewinsky, Social Activist Source: @Cannes_Lions

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“There is a tremendous inequity in Hollywood and in politics, and I would say globally it's challenging to be a woman and succeed.” – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Actor Source: Adweek

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“I don’t believe you can ever get lazy enough about your fan base. A lot of people say they want to appeal to fans, but I want to make new fans I want people who didn’t like me before to listen to my music.” – Marilyn Manson, Musician Source: Campaign Live

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“Trust is the currency that is short in supply.” – Jamie Oliver, Food activist Source: Holmes Report

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“Our goal as marketers should be to get people exactly what they want when they want it.” – Will Sansom, Contagious Communications Source: @Cannes_Lions

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“…Celebrating work that is trying to represent gender in a more realistic and progressive way can also have a real impact on culture.” Senta Slingerland, Cannes Lions Festival Source: Mashable

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“We are meeting with a lot of CMOs. Oh, and if I use a lot of wrong words for things, it’s not out of disrespect. I’m learning a whole new advertising vocabulary.” – Julie Snyder, “Serial” producer Source: Digiday

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“If everyone were to advertise effectively, then advertising wouldn’t be effective.” – Evan Spiegel, Snapchat Source: WSJ

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“Do work that feeds your soul, not your ego.” – Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister & Walsh Source: @Cannes_Lions

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“You can’t replace the creativity of the human mind with a piece of tech.” – Keith Weed, CMO Unilever Source: @Cannes_Lions

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“Make sure the ingredients of your intention are pure. The audience is very savvy.” - Pharrell Williams, Entertainer Source: The Daily Mail

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