Intro to Research Methods

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week 1 intro to research methods Parsons  School  of  Design  Summer  Intensive  Seminar TIM STOCK 1 SUMMER 2015

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research makes choices understanding how choice can potentially distort insight TIM STOCK 2 SUMMER 2015

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patience awareness empathy the researcher’s role understanding our position to the action is critical TIM STOCK 3 SUMMER 2015

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what would she buy? are we seeing the full dynamics shaping her decisions? TIM STOCK 4 SUMMER 2015

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motive story trend the structure of consumer behavior TIM STOCK 5 SUMMER 2015

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we make cognitive maps the choices we make are shaped by these maps TIM STOCK 6 SUMMER 2015

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we are expressive beings research must become aware of this new framework of data TIM STOCK 7 SUMMER 2015

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identity selfies are expressions of our cultural engagement TIM STOCK 8 SUMMER 2015

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who’s in the shot? tilt of head? who’s not in the shot? position of arm? eye squinch? who’s front and center? smile/pout? what are they wearing? gaze. at camera? screen? elsewhere? who’s sharing? where sharing? camera presence? lighting? caption? location? hashtags? background? who is tagged? text in frame? analyzing the language of selfies TIM STOCK 9 SUMMER 2015

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ritual food porn as cultural signifier TIM STOCK 10 SUMMER 2015

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aspiration shopping hauls as cultural signifier TIM STOCK 11 SUMMER 2015

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50 billion messages 41, 000 photos 120 hours of video every sixty seconds TIM STOCK 12 SUMMER 2015

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identity ritual aspiration a kind of cognitive hacking TIM STOCK 13 SUMMER 2015

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this language tells us how culture is working TIM STOCK 14 SUMMER 2015

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ideas ideas ideas the world ideas fast & empathetic research TIM STOCK 15 SUMMER 2015

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cultural meaning the context of language shapes cultural value TIM STOCK 16 SUMMER 2015

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IDEO research seeks to uncover these maps not a set of answers...but the mechanics of things TIM STOCK 17 SUMMER 2015

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everyday signals in context what will the response be? does everyone respond the same? TIM STOCK 18 SUMMER 2015

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avoiding bias we must challenge our methods to find new insights TIM STOCK 19 SUMMER 2015

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IMAGE: Adaptive Path SUBJECT who is chosen to participate METHOD what mode of research is used CONTEXT where the research is conducted OUTPUT what form of data do you get ANALYZE who analyzes the data SHARE how the data is presented bias can creep in at every point in the process know the process to get the best insights TIM STOCK 20 SUMMER 2015

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quantitative vs. qualitative how might bias emerge in this kind of research? TIM STOCK 21 SUMMER 2015

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focus group research how might bias emerge in this kind of research? TIM STOCK 22 SUMMER 2015

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Ethnographic research originates from ethnology and sociology. Using observation and exploration, it aims to investigate the material and symbolic semantic view of social sub-groups. The crucial question is: how do individuals and social groups organize particular aspects of their lives based on their sociocultural, ethical, economic and technical background? Ethnography describes the whole environment that influences human behavior, thus making it possible to obtain integrated answers to fundamental questions with regard to usage, preferences, attitudes and motives and all underlying factors. what is ethnography? TIM STOCK 23 SUMMER 2015

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in home ethnography bias can creep into ethnography as well TIM STOCK 24 SUMMER 2015

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what’s in your fridge? learning to read the language of what we buy and use TIM STOCK 25 SUMMER 2015

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exercise: what’s in your bag? choose ONE ITEM you have on you that you never leave home without. why? TIM STOCK 26 SUMMER 2015

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Jan Chipchase: What do you carry? TIM STOCK 27 SUMMER 2015

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what’s in your medicine cabinet? what do these products say about our broader perspective as people TIM STOCK 28 SUMMER 2015

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language fuses with ritual what defines masculine identity? TIM STOCK 29 SUMMER 2015

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the language of your medicine cabinet what if you unpacked the language in these packages? TIM STOCK 30 SUMMER 2015

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case: IKEA TIM STOCK how is the American changing and what does that mean. 31 SUMMER 2015

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what is the meaning of a kitchen? TIM STOCK 32 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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does the meaning vary globally? TIM STOCK 33 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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understanding how meaning is changing TIM STOCK 34 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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the cultural meaning of the kitchen island TIM STOCK 35 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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what is the meaning of a kitchen? TIM STOCK 36 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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what is the meaning of a kitchen? TIM STOCK 37 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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MAXIMUM 1 intimacy the kitchen has become a shared space with evolving uses within the home APPEARANCE the kitchen has become a stage for social interactions with food IMPORTANT x axis celebration y axis UNIMPORTANT USE MINIMUM culture mapping the kitchen TIM STOCK 3 ignition 2 the kitchen has become a stage where guests are beckoned into the experience IKEA 38 SUMMER 2015

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what is the meaning of a kitchen? TIM STOCK 39 IKEA SUMMER 2015

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pre-shop display interact how does this shift in meaning change the retail experience? TIM STOCK 40 buy postshop IKEA SUMMER 2015

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pre-shop display interact finding future tense retail narrative TIM STOCK 41 buy postshop IKEA SUMMER 2015

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observe VS ask research should empower change observing & reading opportunities for disruption TIM STOCK 42 SUMMER 2015

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deductive inductive deductive vs. inductive reasoning an inductive approach to research allows us to see much more TIM STOCK 43 SUMMER 2015

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IMAGE: SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009) deductive vs. inductive reasoning rules vs. dynamics TIM STOCK 44 SUMMER 2015

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learn to read human scenarios we need to learn to leverage more passive means of gaining insight TIM STOCK 45 SUMMER 2015

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can you read the scene? allow an inductive process to avoid assumptions and bias. TIM STOCK 46 SUMMER 2015

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avoid the urge to land the best insights come from tracking data over time. TIM STOCK 47 SUMMER 2015

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signals brand consumer innovation is a mating game we need to synchronize with cultural signals and conspire in future stories TIM STOCK 48 SUMMER 2015

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INNOVATION signals stories BRAND ARCHITECTURE innovation is a mating game from signal to story... synchronizing brands for purpose and sustainability TIM STOCK 49 SUMMER 2015

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finding the codes of culture TIM STOCK 50 SUMMER 2015

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PERCEPTIONS code culture is the product TIM STOCK 51 BEHAVIOR what are the codes? SUMMER 2015

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signals story cultural observation TIM STOCK how do we identify status? 52 SUMMER 2015

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signals cultural observation TIM STOCK story what is driving people to detoxing? 53 SUMMER 2015

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cultural observation TIM STOCK signals to urban narrative 54 SUMMER 2015

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signals cultural observation TIM STOCK story fitness as cultural signifier 55 SUMMER 2015

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cultural observation TIM STOCK language affirms tribal cohesion 56 SUMMER 2015

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signals cultural observation TIM STOCK story what is driving paleo and raw lifestyles? 57 SUMMER 2015

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signals cultural observation TIM STOCK story how do we sell dog food? 58 SUMMER 2015

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signals story cultural observation TIM STOCK what is driving a renewed interest in vinyl records? 59 SUMMER 2015

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signals story Urban Outfitters has become the biggest seller of vinyl in the world. TIM STOCK 60 SUMMER 2015

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signals story what is the meaning of cars today? cultural observation TIM STOCK 61 SUMMER 2015

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cultural observation TIM STOCK how do you sell a luxury car? 62 SUMMER 2015

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the best brands don’t advertise (why?) Kiehl’s is a story in grassroots cultural innovation TIM STOCK 63 SUMMER 2015

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Kiehl’s is a story in grassroots cultural innovation in New York City TIM STOCK 64 SUMMER 2015

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Kiehl’s started as an apothecary TIM STOCK 65 SUMMER 2015

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Kiehl’s evolved into a skincare lab in the 1980s TIM STOCK 66 SUMMER 2015

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the best brands don’t advertise Huy Fong Food’s Sriracha Sauce TIM STOCK 67 SUMMER 2015

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Coca-Cola bought Honest Tea in 2011 brand architecture TIM STOCK 68 SUMMER 2015

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session recap know your place in the action develop methods that reduce bias learn what people do over what they say understand the behavior in context of culture gain awareness of brands that are getting it right TIM STOCK 69 SUMMER 2015

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afternoon break return here at 1:30pm TIM STOCK 70 SUMMER 2015

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