7 Ways Brands Can Utilize Periscope As Part Of Their Video Marketing Strategy

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7 Ways Brands Can Utilize Periscope as part of their Video Marketing Strategy. Anna moc. erabuZ

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How to Get Started 1. Download the FREE App 2. Add your Twitter Account and if don’t have one, you can still use it. 3. Complete your Information in your Bio. 4. Start Following some of your Twitter Friends and or look up those you are inspired by. 5. Once you start watching live broadcasts, make sure to give lots of hearts on the screen by tapping and be sure to comment plenty of time to get noticed by broadcaster. Anna moc. erabuZ

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1 Demonstrations 1. With the simple videos, you can demonstrate to your target market the products and services you'll be offering. 2. You can easily create videos at the launch of your products as well as following up with weekly videos to keep your audience engaged. 3. Additionally, you can opt for daily videos to keep the interactions open with your consumers. Anna moc. erabuZ

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2 Events 1. Use Periscope to host live streams from live events you attend or host. 2. During any specific "gig" you can even produce behind the scene videos, giving your audience an idea of what's going on. 3. The key for Successful event, is live conversation and Periscope is the perfect tool that opened this door of possibility. Anna moc. erabuZ

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3 Product Lines 1. Periscope is the perfect tool when you have this long-awaited product launch. 2. Give Suspense to your audience with the brief show about your product. 3. Hype it up with consistent engagement with your audience of your product. Anna moc. erabuZ

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4 Promotions and Deals 1. Offer exclusive promotional codes to your consumers when they tune into your Periscope videos. 2. Provide limited offer through watching your Periscope videos. 3. Keep a little mystery on your Periscope videos about upcoming promotional broadcast. Anna moc. erabuZ

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5 Interviews 1. Interviews are one of the best ways to demonstrate brand's transparency as well as industry expertise. 2. No one would want to discover that they are just talking to a robot on Facebook and Twitter 3. It is really beneficial when brands show their audience that they can also be human. 4. Consumers always want the opportunity to ask questions so it’s a great idea if you can provide that to them through the use of the Periscope app. Anna moc. erabuZ

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6 Tips and Guides 1. Use periscope as the medium for answering FAQs in a more interactive way with your audience. 2. Turn this to a weekly thing where you can provide tips and tricks to your audience once they have purchased your products or services. Anna moc. erabuZ

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7 Storytelling 1. Let your followers get an authentic feel of your brand and have a good understanding of the context behind each situation. 2. Live Videos can be used to tour your audience to your headquarters or your current place whenever you may be streaming this broadcast 3. Even introduce your workspace or to give your audience a sneak peak of where you are and what you're all about. Anna moc. erabuZ

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Bonus tip's. 1. During your Live Broadcasts and right before you the end, ask everyone to share this broadcast with their followers. 2. Live broadcast will be available for the next 24 hours after end of live session. 3. Click on people's comments to see thier profile and follow new people too. This makes it easier vs doing that on the live broadcast. AnnaZubarev.com

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Closing thoughts Periscope is a truly great video tool that offers brand transparency, which is something that people will always love. AnnaZubarev.com

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Ready to Scope? It would be amazing to connect with You on Persicope! Simply Search for @AnnaLZubarev and connect with me. For complete blog post about Periscope, go to: http://bit.ly/PeriscopeTool AnnaZubarev.com

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