Sweating Your Assets

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Sweating Your Assets How to supercharge content marketing for SEO and Lead Generation

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Hi, I’m @EricTTung Full-Time Social Media Manager at BMC #33 Social Media Influencer via Forbes Contributor to SocialMediaCollege .com

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What We’re Noodlin’ What is Content and Content Marketing? What Are The Different Types of Content? Getting Other People To Make Your Content. Mapping Content to your Sales Cycle Assembling The Content Puzzle with PPC and SEO. Finally, How to Sweat Your Assets.

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What is Content Marketing? …It’s just marketing!

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“Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. This information can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc.” -Wikipedia

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90 percent of all the data ever created… Was created in the last two years.

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15.5 Hours of media consumed per person, per day

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75 Million 225 Million 500 Million How Many Blogs Are There?

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Businesses that publish at least 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month

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So What’s This Mean? There’s Lots of Content being produced out there. People consume media and trust it. Businesses generally aren’t effectively using content marketing. Businesses that can get content marketing have seen results.

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Virginia/Maryland/DC-Area Pool Company

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Photo: New York Times “I just started thinking more about the way I use the Internet. Most of the time when I type in a search, I’m looking for an answer to a specific question. The problem is you don’t get a lot of great search results because most businesses don’t want to give answers; they want to talk about their company. So I realized that if I was willing to answer all these questions that people have, we might have a chance to pull this out.” - Marcus Sheridan

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What are the top results for fiberglass pool related searches?

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Top Sales & Marketing Consultant & Speaker Photo: The Sales Lion

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What Are The Different Types of Content? Short Long Basic Complex Tweets E-books White Papers Facebook Posts Infographics Video Email Marketing Long-form LinkedIn Audio Bites Slideshare

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How We Think About Blog Content at BMC 1. SEO blog Posts: Relatively simple topics, “Helpdesk vs. Service Desk, What’s the Difference.” 2. Thought leadership: More complex, and more interesting to industry, “The Power behind Digital Transformation.” 3. Demand Generation: Papers and reports offered for contact info. 4. Technical Information: Product Releases and other product info.

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Why So Many Types? They appeal to different crowds. SEO content brings in clicks from people searching for keywords and phrases. Thought Leadership looks to the future and shows how you lead the industry. Demand Generation in our industry are mostly webinars and analyst reports. Technical Product Info is for retention of current customers.

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Get Other People Create Content For You

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#BMCEngage User Conference

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Who Was Tweeting?

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One of our Customers!

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He’s Continued to Tweet

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#ATXUnite by Verizon Verizon wanted to do something for Austinites having to bear the brunt of #SXSW. Created a contest to spread cheer to Austin residents with hashtag #ATXUnite

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Guest Blogging Recognize experts in your space and get some great SEO out of it. It helps them grow their following, and if they promote the post, helps you gain following too. Pay someone to guest blog for you: Helps you fill in your necessary SEO blog posts, while you can concentrate on other content.

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Salesforce Guest Bloggers

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Make Them Feel Special!

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Do Amazing Customer Service

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How Will They Respond?

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So What Happened?

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Yes, I colored it.

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Once You Get Them To Create Content Feature it on your social channels or blog. Collect it. Repurpose it. Study it.

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Mapping Content To Your Sales Cycle

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Who Are Your Customer Personas? Think about your main customer profiles. Give them names, demographics, etc. What motivates them, what are their goals? What obstacles do they have in their way? Use photos to give this person a face. Create 3-5 people.

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Image Credit: Content Marketing Institute

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Now Find Your Sales Cycle

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Now Mash The Two Together Sales Cycle Personas

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What Questions Are They Asking?

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Map Questions to Existing Content and Outlets: IT Manager Awareness: How Can I Make This Easier? (Blog Post: www.blog.com/12345) IT Manager Consideration: What Options Are There? (Infographic: NEED INFOGRAPHIC) CIO Purchasing: What are the Costs/ROI? (Customer Video: Client XYZ Corp) IDENTIFY AND FILL GAPS!

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SEO: What Questions Are People Asking…in General? See what pages get the most clicks on your blog. See what people are searching for in Google Analytics. Use Google Suggests to create topics. Use Google Keyword Tool to find keywords to write blog posts around. Write down a list of the top 25 questions people ask as prospects. Write a blog post on each.

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Assembling Your Content Puzzle with PPC and SEO

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Online Marketing Lead Gen Remarketing Banner Ad Landing Page Lead BMC.com

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Entry Points Search Engines: Prospects are likely to search for specific questions and land on your site (if you have good SEO!) Communities/Blogs: Regular users of forums and blogs will find their way to social feeds. Social: Followers will see regular content, and find their way to the blog. Web: Prospects that find their way to the website can be referred to blogs or social. PPC: Pay-Per-Click: Paid search terms.

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Mid-Funnel & Retargeting Once users click to the blog/website, you can tag them for retargeting. Google will recognize cookies and will post banner ads on network sites until they’ve become a lead or purchased something. Should point to something useful/valuable to your target. Either link to a product page or a lead form.

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Securing the Lead Blog posts should be littered with links to attract leads. Banner ads can lead back to landing pages as well. We find that social links directly to forms can be difficult to convert. Offer something of high value – ebook, webinar recording, etc. Landing Page Lead

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Increase Options To Become a Lead on Blog Posts 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1

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Progressive Profiling?

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Make the Asset Appealing.

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Sweating Your Assets

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How To Sweat Your Assets Create a Long-form Post/ebook/white paper. Aim for 10-20 pages with lots of research and content. Original research or surveys do very well here. Create smaller pieces of content from the original long-form piece, blog posts, slideshares, videos based on the original content, etc. Share each piece in cycles on social.

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What’s This Look Like? Ebook: Using Social Media for Conferences Ch. 1: Twitter for Conferences Ch. 2: Facebook for Conferences Ch. 3: Instagramming Conferences Blog Posts: 1. Using Twitter for Conferences 2. Using Facebook for Conferences 3. Using Instagram at Conferences

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Why? It saves you time: Cutting up an ebook into smaller blog posts will save you at least 75% of time compared to researching & writing new blog posts. It’s a logical progression toward becoming a lead. If someone just read 500 words on how to use Twitter for conferences, are they likely to download an ebook on using social at conferences? You betcha.

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That’s Not It… Use “sound bites” from your ebooks or blog posts to create quote-graphics for social media that lead back to the blog post. Did you video interviews for your ebook? Upload those and offer as an additional asset. Industry surveys are GOLD for sweating. There’s lots of quotes and stats to post over a long period of time.

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So… One Survey can become… 1 E-Book 1 Slideshare 5 Blog-Posts 5-7 Info or Quote Graphics 2-5 Video Interviews 15-20 Social Posts AND… create a lead-generation machine, and get good SEO. Get the Most out of your Content… Make it easier on yourself!

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How to Measure?

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See Most Shared Posts

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Check Out Analytics

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Set Up Funnels

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“Because I have analytics, so far to this day, I’ve been able to track a minimum of $1.7 million in sales to that one article [about fiberglass pool cost].” -Marcus Sheridan

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So Let’s Review… Tap into different types of content to help with different goals. Get other people to create content for you, through contests, customer service, guest blogger programs and more. Find your personas, map them to your sales cycle, and supercharge your content marketing. Add in PPC retargeting to re-approach your prospects that have yet to turn into leads. Use assets in every possible way, creating a web of content around each question in your persona/sales cycle matrix. Analyze and measure and see where you can improve.