6 Ways to Cultivate Goodwill on Yelp

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6 Ways to Cultivate Goodwill on Yelp

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Since you can’t ask for reviews on Yelp, it’s sometimes tough to know how to start getting them. That’s why it’s so important to create a good experience on the site and with your customers, prompting them to review your business (positively!). Here are six creative ways to cultivate positive reviews on Yelp:

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01. Put Your Best Face Forward Build out your Yelp profile with a photo, location, hours and a food or service menu. This gives your customers a professional place to come review your business and shows them that you take pride in presenting your business well.

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02. Reach Out to Regulars Regulars are not only good for business, they also tend to leave wonderful Yelp reviews. Recognizing these people and offering them a “frequent customer” discount or deal will undoubtedly result in positivity on Yelp.

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03. Respond to Reviews the Right Way If you reply to every negative review in a harsh, dismissive manner, customers will take note. Build goodwill by graciously responding to comments, good and bad.

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04. Say It With a Sticker Display a “Find Us on Yelp” sticker in the front window of your business or on your website. This shows customers that you have nothing to hide and that you’d appreciate their feedback, too.

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05. Encourage Check-Ins When customers check in on Yelp, it broadcasts their location to followers and friends. Offer a special perk for checking in and it will encourage Yelp users to take advantage of this feature, spreading positive information about your business. Plus, users will feel appreciated when they receive a discount. 

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06. Consider a Yelp Deal A Yelp deal is a great way to not only drive business, but also encourage new and current customers to review your services. Yelp deals often offer a small discount such as buy a $30 credit for $20.

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