7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Twitter for Your Business

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7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Twitter for Your Business Dave Kerpen CEO, Likeable Local #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Today We’ll Cover: Why Twitter? Seven strategies for Twitter success Twitter for Customer Service How Likeable Local can help #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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But first, a tale of Twitter... In Las Vegas About the Aria And the Rio And how a little empathy goes a long way! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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These are a few of my favorite stats… Promoted tweets boost offline sales by 29% About 92% of international brands tweet more than once daily, 36% of which are link-containing tweets 85% of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them 70% of marketers will increase spend on social in 2015 Over $8.5 billion was spent on social media in 2014 And projected spend for 2018 is $14 billion About 63% of Twitter users regard their smartphones as their primary tweeting device Sources: HubSpot, Simply Measured, Twitter, eMarketer #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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7 Proven Twitter Success Strategies LISTEN strategically. RESPOND to everyone. REPEAT great content. HASHTAG wisely. ADVERTISE smarter. JOIN conversations USE tools. #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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1. Listen Strategically #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Why Listen? Why Listen? Make people feel heard Gain a better understanding of your customers Uncover new opportunities Contribute to future product planning & discover customers’ likes, dislikes, wants & needs #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Identify WHAT & WHO To Listen To FIRST, ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: “What’s important to your business?” “What’s important to your customers?” “Who is important to your customers?” “Who is important in your industry?” #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Choose The Right Keywords Identify the right keywords and phrases that’ll give you the most relevant Twitter conversations! Listen to industry influencers! ?They’re the people who your customers are also listening to! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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2. Respond to Everyone 80% of Customer Service inquiries go unanswered on social media By being in the top 20%, you can establish your company as a leader #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Adweek

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Telephone Customer Service is OUT Customer service is no longer just phone lines. Twitter is now where people express their opinions. Twitter is PUBLIC! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Twitter = The New Customer Service Tool #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Social Media Examiner

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The Power of Responding 71% of customer complaints on Twitter go unanswered YET, 83% of people appreciate being answered by a company when they receive a response HOWEVER, 63% would not like it or hate it if the company contacted them about something other than their complaint tweet So on Twitter, respond to EVERYONE with a timely & pertinent response Source: Maritz Research #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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How To Respond Respond quickly and publicly Always apologize Mention you’ll send a private message This lets the commenter, and anyone else listening know that you’re also listening 2) Resolve privately Avoid further public back and forth, and fix the problem! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Notice: Respond quickly AND with an apology! Let’s Take a Look at Some Examples! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Fluid Digital, Courtyleer

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Respond publically AND Resolve Privately #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Business 2 Community

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Responding to Negative Comments The Two Rules Of Thumb: Do Not Ignore – Ignoring tells your customer you don’t care – Exceptions = obscene comments, private information 2) Don’t be defensive #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Like this ?

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Say Thank You! Don’t forget to respond to positive comments too! A “thank you” is just as important as an “I’m sorry”! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Maximize Exposure: Know Your Twitter Timing The average shelf life of a tweet is only 20 minutes! So, how do you maximize your Twitter exposure? Cater to your fans who are on Twitter at different times! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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3. Repeat Great Content #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Repeat Tweets Use Twitter Reverb by Likeable Hub to help! “Repeating a tweet gets you 86% as much performance as the initial tweet!” #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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4. #Hashtag Wisely #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Bufferapp

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Why Hashtag? Hashtags = trackable Twitter keywords! Hashtags let your tweets become part of larger conversations to gain more visibility #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Go Brand Go

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Hashtag Tips Create a hashtag before promoting an initiative Make it simple Make it easy to use Make it FUN (and informative)! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Front Man Marketing

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5. Advertise Smarter #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Twitter

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Advertise Smarter Ad Copy Rules of Thumb: 1. Be Clear and Concise 2. Keep Your Objective in Mind 3. Always Be Helping Don’t forget to optimize your visuals for mobile, too! Be creative. Be unique. Be Visual. ? Visual content is consumed most directly on social media #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Set Smart Objectives What do you want to achieve in your ad campaign? – More followers? – More click-throughs? – More engagement? – More app installs? – More leads? Setting goals will set you up to succeed! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Find Your Perfect Audience Twitter has dozens of targeting options to find YOUR perfect audience Upload a list of contacts & create a custom or lookalike audience based on people you know are receptive to your ads #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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6. Join The Conversation #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Why Join Conversations? Listening and engaging doesn’t have to be limited to only your customer base! Find new potential fans conversing about similar topics! Engaging can convert fans? leads? customers Engage with folks talking about your competitors so they know your brand too! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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How To Join The Conversation #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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7. Use Tools Succeeding on Twitter requires care and regular attention, which takes time and resources! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Tools We Love #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Why Use Social Tools? Tools can help with: Content Listening Analytics Repeating #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Click To Tweet Write a tweet Create a shareable custom link with that tweet Make it easy for your audience to send out your curated message Track the activity of that link #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Social Quant Increase your followers Expand real connections Identify relevant potential connections Expand your market visibility Analyze your growth #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Likeable Hub Likeable Hub is an accessible app that can help you: Share content across channels Listen Create content ideas Repeat tweets Generate leads & referrals Measure your progress #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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Likeable Hub VIP #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Choose from thousands of content ideas and trending news posts to share in seconds.

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TURBOPOST ™ Technology #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Strategically Repeated Tweets: Reverb for Twitter automatically repeats your posts 5 times to maximize reach and engagement Clicking “TurboPost” turns your Facebook post into a “boosted post on your business’ page to increase audience reach!

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Likeable Hub Site #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen

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THANK YOU / GRAND PRIZE! CONTACT Dave Kerpen EMAIL dave@likeable.com TWITTER @DaveKerpen PHONE 212-359-4347 QUESTIONS? Download Likeable Hub for free at LikeableHub.com! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen