Dr. Itiel Dror Cognitive Neuroscientist University College London Nir Wegrzyn CEO BrandOpus #NailingJelly

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Dr. Itiel Dror Cognitive Neuroscientist University College London Nir Wegrzyn CEO BrandOpus #NailingJelly

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The vast majority of decisions made in the supermarket are not rational. #NailingJelly But in reality, we still assume rationality.

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And even when we do accept that decisions are not rational, we don’t know what to do with it.

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Even forensic science is open to subjectivity and bias. Human decisions are always subject to non-rational context and other influences. #NailingJelly

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Brands fail because we drive literal, explicit messages through our creativity, restricting its effectiveness #NailingJelly

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It’s not enough to be presented. It’s not enough to be seen. It needs to be remembered. It needs to get the message into the brain and make it stick. #NailingJelly

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Make messages into memories #NailingJelly #1 Encode in the appropriate parts of the brain #2 Tell a relevant story, and tell it well #3 Cognitive neuroscience teaches us to stick, we must

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We know that the mind does not perceive and encode most of the information that is available. In fact, we only take on board a small part of the world around us.. If we take it in at all. #NailingJelly

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Things are defined not by their sameness, but by their QUIRKS, their UNIQUENESS, by their visual distinctiveness #NailingJelly

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Focus on rational messaging is a

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Consumer shopping behaviour is affected more by emotion than rationality.. Even if they don’t know it. #NailingJelly

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#NailingJelly We must care more about the consumer Not what they ‘think they think’

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The brand frames how consumers feel about the brand and products #NailingJelly

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Having a story matters. Having an emotionally engaging story matters more. #NailingJelly

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#1 Your identity itself must be distinctive & quirky not just attention grabbing #2 Wrap the brand in a story don’t depend on the rational brain to encode the message #3 The story must create a meaning emotion and context drive behaviour and generate action, not facts

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Thank you. Calling marketers, we’d love to present the full talk to you. If you’d like us to do a lunch and learn at your offices please email us at events@brandopus.com