6 tips to help you warm up a cold call

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6 tips to help you warm up a cold call

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1. Research Before picking up the phone, find out a little about the person you’re calling; their name, title and an idea of what they work on so you have some context for the conversation.

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2. Timing Be considerate about the timing of your call. Think about what the person might be doing at any particular time of the day and schedule your call around it.

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3. Ask Before you launch into conversation, ask the person if they have a few moments to chat with you.

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4. Call with a purpose Be prepared with conversations points to discuss with them. Don’t waste time with chit chat and vague questions; this will make you appear insincere.

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5. Introduce ahead of time If you have the opportunity, give the person you’re going to call some warning ahead of time. You can introduce yourself ahead of time either through a mutual contact, email or via social media.

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6. Be grateful Don’t forget to thank the person you’ve called for their time and the opportunity to speak with them. You can go the extra mile and send a thank you note; either hand written or by email to really show that you appreciated their time.

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Now you’re ready to start dialing.

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