B2B Social Strategies: Best Practices by Leading Brands

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B2B Social Strategies: Best Practices by Leading Brands Dave Armon Community Manager PhilA@brandwatch.com CMO, 3BL Media darmon@3blmedia.com Phillip Agnew Content Manager Natalie@brandwatch.com Natalie Meehan

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Don’t be shy/ We’d love your participation Ask questions in the session chat Tweet about our discussion @brandwatch #brandwatchtips A download and recording of the webinar will be made available after the event

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Coming Up B2B State of Social Best Practices

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A Pivotal Moment 31 million mentions per year 3,690 thousand posts an hour One new post every second Yet 42% of B2B brands have no presence on social

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The State of Social

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The State of Social

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The State of Social

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Best Practices

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1. Communicate where your audience communicates

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Leading on Instagram GE - /generalelectric 1,430 LIKES | 28 COMMENTS MailChimp - /mailchimp 231 LIKES | 14 COMMENTS Sprout Social - /sproutsocial 42 LIKES | 3 COMMENTS

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Instagram trumps Twitter for engagement 120,000 earned mentions / 3,000 owned mentions – per year

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Forums 1,038,000 earned mentions / 1,140 owned mentions – per year 84% of consumers take action based on reviews and recommendations above all other forms of advertising Nielsen

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How many customers are lost on forums? 30,971 unanswered negative mentions 619,420 impressions 84% of which lose brand faith Over 500,000 consumers lost on forums

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2. Communicate using the same social language

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How different industries communicate

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Hashtag Hitchhiking Use a trending hashtag to engage a large audience Is the hashtag about something your brand should connect to? Can your brand add a valuable contribution to the conversation? Is the hashtag generating a significant amount of conversation online? 1 2 3

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Hashtag Hitchhiking Examples Brandwatch React @BW_React 421 RETWEETS | 174FAVORITES #Eurovision2015: Which country tweeted most about #Eurovision … the UK with 280,000 tweets

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Hashtag Hitchhiking Examples Brandwatch React @BW_React 298 RETWEETS | 172 FAVORITES #LeadersDebate: And the winner is … Nicola Sturgeon, with the highest volume of neutral and positive mentions.

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3. Learn the best time to post

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A common problem Retail and Aerospace

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4. Capitalize on specific conversation

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Intent to purchase mentions and customer service mentions

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A Convergys Corp. Study found that one negative online review can cost a business an average loss of 30 customers

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BT have calculated the annual net cost savings of delivering customer service via social = ?2 million

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A Pivotal Moment 31 million mentions per year 3,690 thousand posts an hour One new post every second

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A Pivotal Moment 3,000 negative mentions per brand each year 500,000 potential customers lost on forums One new social lead each day

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Q & A

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Download the report: brandwatch.com/b2b-report contact@brandwatch.com facebook.com/brandwatch @brandwatch plus.google.com/+brandwatch1