Content Re-defined Moving beyond 2015 Mauricio Escobar eDigital

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Content Re-defined Moving beyond 2015 Mauricio Escobar eDigital @eDigitalAus

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AGENDA Branded content ? user engagement Scaling Content Collaboration with content creators @eDigitalAus

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Support customer aspirations & goals. Allow for exponential sharing your website cant by itself. WHY CONTENT Help convert, retain & develop your most profitable customer. Allow for “personal” on the go communications. Show what inspires your brand. @eDigitalAus

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1. Branded content ? User engagement @eDigitalAus

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Content Tsunami Content doubles every 9-24 months - depending on study Track Maven Study 2014 78% increase on content while 60% less engagement Nearly a quarter of posts receive 0 Interatactions Study: 8k brands 13 million pieces of content 7 billion interactions @eDigitalAus

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Low Engagement Study: 2.5k brands 7 Social networks 3 million pieces of content 7 billion interactions Forrester Research Study 2014 0.1% ER Instagram best performer http://blogs.forrester.com/nate_elliott/14-04-29-instagram_is_the_king_of_social_engagement @eDigitalAus

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FACEBOOK 43 million fans - 0.006% ER INSTAGRAM 1.2 million fans 3% ER @eDigitalAus

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Thousands of ads per day (NY Times) CONTENT BLINDNESS 60% cant recall display ads & 80% say they were not relevant (Media Post) Only 33% trust banner ads (Nielsen) @eDigitalAus http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/196071/banner-blindness-60-cant-remember-the-last-disp.html http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/press-room/2012/nielsen-global-consumers-trust-in-earned-advertising-grows.html

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FRIENDS AND PEER RECOMMENDATIONS http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/press-room/2012/nielsen-global-consumers-trust-in-earned-advertising-grows.html @eDigitalAus Consumers trust peer-to-peer recommendations. Edelman 2015 92% trust recommendations from peers. Nielsen 81% consumers are influenced by friends social media posts when making purchase decisions – Market Force

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Edelman 2015 Trust Barometer Aus data @eDigitalAus http://www.edelman.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/2015-Edelman-Trust-Australia-Results.pdf Study: 33k people 27 countries

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@eDigitalAus http://www.edelman.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/2015-Edelman-Trust-Australia-Results.pdf

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WHAT TO DO? Provide ways to: Access users generated content Only top quality Reach audiences at scale via native platforms Adnews.com.au/user-generated-content-beats-traditional-advertising @eDigitalAus

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Best Job in the world Tourism Qld R: 34K entries The art of the trench website Burberry R: 50% online sales uplift year on year @eDigitalAus

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EXAMPLE – INFLUENCERS The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFksGJoNv-g The campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD-eY_d4ta4 #whatilove R: over 6k #whatilove submissions across social media. @eDigitalAus

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Influencing Content Creators can help a brand: Re Influencing Marketing Create valuable content Reach more people The right way - authenticity Reach the right people – right alignment @eDigitalAus

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COLLABORATION Re Loyalty Increased Reach Cost-effective Authentic Influencing Marketing @eDigitalAus

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Fullscreen (Youtube creators) Niche (Owned by Twitter) Snapfluence (Seen) Buzzsumo Klout http://www.bloggingwizard.com/influencer-research-tools/ Influencers exchanges! @eDigitalAus

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Review influencers http://totems.co/blog/gender-instagram-infographic/ INFLUENCE = POPULARITY (# of followers) x BRAND AFFINITY (expertise and credibility) x VOLUME (amount related content published) x STRENGTH of relationship with followers and media @eDigitalAus

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Pop-culture CREATION Or Highly engaged niche tribes. Ultimate benefit 14 @eDigitalAus

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3. SCALING CONTENT Which content to prioritise? @eDigitalAus

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Awareness of needs Brand consideration Comparison/Research Preference Trial Purchase Usage/Enjoyment Evaluation Recommendation Co-creation Education Disposal Maintenance/upgrades Nurture/Reward Retention & Development Brand awareness Acquisition @eDigitalAus

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11 ABANDONMENT https://econsultancy.com/blog/61991-83-of-online-shoppers-need-support-to-complete-a-purchase-stats Shopping abandonment Live Person – Connecting with Consumers Report. P=5,700 UK, USA, Australia, France, Germany and Italy @eDigitalAus

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Understand Channel Usage UNDERSTAND THE CHANNEL @eDigitalAus

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20 http://totems.co/blog/gender-instagram-infographic/ @eDigitalAus

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1. Group related small pieces of content into a “master” piece. Test different options @eDigitalAus

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Test different options 2. Serialize big chunks of content. Volvo Trucks @eDigitalAus

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3. Recycling Social Media Content on different platforms Web Galleries: Instush, Websta, Livefire, Piqora Test different options @eDigitalAus

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4. Improve your “evergreen” content Nad’s Test different options @eDigitalAus

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Social Media Aggregators Stakla Livefire Stylematch.com @eDigitalAus

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Livefire @eDigitalAus

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Re Know what makes customers “tick” Steps for Successful Content! Vitality Opower @eDigitalAus

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Take a stand, be consistent with the delivery. BE CONSISTENT @eDigitalAus

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More branded Content ? benefiting less Learnings 2016 @eDigitalAus

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Right balance BC + UGC + PGC @eDigitalAus

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Content scalability is imperative @eDigitalAus

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Content Predictions 2016 BRANDS Data driven real time view of Content ROI. CREATORS More helping launch more new brands on niche markets. PLATFORMS Better and more niche apps helping users read reviews and find exactly what they want. USERS Anonymity = Publicness Increases on looking for the right review @eDigitalAus

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THANK YOU mauricio@edigitalagency.com.au Twitter: @eDigitalAus