Please Don’t Cold Call me on Social Media

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Please Don’t Cold Call me on Social Media LinkedIn, Elevating Sales Summit 17 June 2015 Andrea Edwards Head of Content Marketing & Training Novus Asia @AndreaTEdwards

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Avid Social User + Top 100 Social Seller Singapore on LinkedIn

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Did you know that Your customers are 90% of the way through Your sales cycle before they even come to You? And what about the rest?

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Where are they? Getting advice from peers on LinkedIn groups Making decisions during Tweet chats Attending networking events Chatting with friends at BBQs Reading influencer blogs on LinkedIn Reading blogs by peers in their industry On Google hangouts hearing opinions from around the world Talking to friends on Facebook

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But they’re also being entertained

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15% of people trust recommendations from brands 84% trust recommendations from people they know Sales representatives using social media outsell 78% of their peers Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7 x more frequently than other leads Reference: wersm

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dominates as the “entry network” of choice among CEO’s Of CEOs with only 1 network, 73% chose LinkedIn Nearly half of all social CEOs are only on LinkedIn? presumably because of the unmistakable business benefits

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But now the noise is ramping up

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So what’s the magic? How can you be where your customers are, influencing them?

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Content must sit at the heart of business CONTENT

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What is content? How should we think about it? I believe it’s anything that starts a conversation

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To earn the right to your customer’s time, your content must be awesome, it must be all about the customer, and it must be at the heart of everything you do as a brand

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Content marketing isn’t speaking about your brand, products or services It’s about speaking to the whole customer Helping your customers succeed Assisting them in being more informed Improving their lives Answering their questions “If you want to sell me a camera, tell me how to take great photos” CMI

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Three focus areas to finish Understand Your Customer Share And Give Inspire Then Feed Your Team

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I’m female Probably in my 40s I’ve lived in Australia, England, the US, Singapore and Thailand I obviously love to travel I’m probably courageous if I do I was a musician in the Army, so probably creative My entire career is communications focused I’m probably a seeker in life I love to share my knowledge – I believe in giving My blogs provide insight into my values I’m informal xxx I’m irreverent I obviously love social media I love how technology transforms lives I believe in empowerment and equality 15 things you can learn about me on LinkedIn?

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That’s powerful knowledge But there’s more… If you comment on my blogs Share my content Like my updates Engage with me Guess what?

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There’s a lot of talk about the Sharing Economy But really, we must focus on the Giving Economy

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Because today it’s not about you! It’s about your customer and the value you deliver to them If you can consistently put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you can’t lose This new world is all about giving – it’s where you can really shine

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The 1/9/90 % rule applies Supporters Creators Lurkers You and your team must be in the top 10%

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Feed your team

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All of this is culturally challenging Cultural – America Vs rest Our role in our communities Still selling & telling Limited understanding of benefits to us and our business

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Take-aways Be brave & bold Use social data Be customer obsessed Move content to heart Inspire brand ambassadors Train and reward stars Feed amazing content to shine Create a giving culture

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