How to Overcome Price and Win a New Customer

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How to Overcome Price and Win a New Customer

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96% of consumers are currently looking for the best deal on a product or service.

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Preparation is Key.

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CSRs should have basic pricing memorized and a cheat sheet for everything else.

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Tips for Steering a Call.

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The worst thing a CSR can do is let a conversation stall after price questions.

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CSRs need to be upfront about the fact that a technician’s expert eye is required to give an accurate price quote.

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Shift focus to your business providing excellent service.

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It’s all about selling value over price.

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Stress the FREE in free estimate.

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Your CSRs should inform the caller that there’s an essential fee to cover transportation, but all the time and work involved is complimentary.

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Your CSRs should bring up current specials and discounts

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– but don’t forget to explain the reason for the short-term discount.

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Our price guide features many more tips, details and even phone scripts to lead you through the tough conversations.

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Download the guide today to make your CSRs masters at handling difficult price questions.

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Download “How to Overcome Price and Win a New Customer” HOW TO OVERCOME PRICE AND WIN A NEW CUSTOMER