15 Kick-Ass Growth Hacking Tactics

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Analyze A G-hacker must analyze the ins and outs of the product/service, from engineering to design to content.

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Actionable Goal Before fixing the goal, you need to know what you want to achieve and also you should also be clear about how you’re going to achieve it.

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A/B Testing Testing your ideas to check which one is working and which one is not, is the most important aspect of growth hacking.

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Title Timing & Execution If an article has to go viral, you’ve to come up with catchy title that makes people click, consider the time of submission, and promoting it on the right platforms.

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Work on User Retention You just have to keep them happy to retain them

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Good Copywriter ?Copywriting skill is an added advantage for a G Hacker. Write something that makes the user click and read. It also saves your time, since you’d generally not need someone else to proofread your content.

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Think Beyond the Trend Following the trend is a trap. People who set new trends will bring enormous results through their ideas.

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Use Proper Tools Choose the right tool that drives you to attain your goal. I used Topsy to look up what people tweet most, what type of content that people like to share it on twitter and to collect influencers list to follow.

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Be Sensitive Never ignore the small things. You have to be careful when it comes to minor details about the product/service.

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Look for Potential Lift Without analytics, growth rate is meaningless. Analytics is the guide that gives you highly valuable data. Keep on monitoring the data and look for potential opportunities to take up the product/service in growing path.

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Talk to People It is important to collect the data generated at each and every level of organizational hierarchy. This data helps a G hacker make a decision.

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Redefine A growth hacker needs to analyze how long your product will meet customers’ needs and any plans to redefine it again to keep customers on board.

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Refine & Repeat You have to take actions based on results (performance). Keep testing as a non-stop process, fine tune your strategy or distribution methods if there is a need and repeat the process to reach your goals.

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Networking Matters The more you help the community or people, the larger your networking size and the credibility of your network

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Act According with Time You do not have to stick to a predetermined pattern. Trends change with time, so act accordingly.

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Conclusion So. What do you think? Do you have any more guidelines for growth hackers to follow? Guidelines in detail: https://bitly.com/1HlC5BY