How the Seahawks Set a Winning Social Strategy

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How the Seahawks Set a Winning Social Strategy

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Housekeeping Listening / voice options Questions and chat room #SimplyROI Recorded webinar Post-webinar survey #SimplyROI

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Presenters #SimplyROI Megan Headley @meganheadley Research Director TrustRadius Kevin Shively @kevinsaysthings Senior Content Strategist Simply Measured

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About TrustRadius TrustRadius helps professionals make smart, software selections, through accessing trusted, in-depth and current peer insights: 14,000+ detailed user reviews & ratings across 1,000+ products 92,500+ software comparisons run every month Rich library of buyer’s guides and research articles www.trustradius.com #SimplyROI

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2015 Social Media Marketing Trends Survey/Report TrustRadius / Simply Measured collaboration Nearly 600 social media practitioners, from consultants to CMOs to community managers Questions about status, goals, and challenges of their social media programs Available for download now on Simply Measured website #SimplyROI

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What We’ll Cover #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Measuring ROI is still the #1 challenge for marketers. There is a misalignment between goals and metrics. Marketers aren’t sure what to do with the data. Social media is siloed. We’re in the same boat.

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Measuring ROI Is Still the #1 Challenge for Social Marketers

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Ineffective Social Strategies 8

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Define the “Why” This is the single most important question that social media marketers need to ask. “Why are we using social media?” This isn’t an easy question to answer, but it’s at the heart of defining ROI for your social programs. Mission (Why) > Strategy (Who, What) > Plan (How, Where, When) 9

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI 1st Problem: Define the potential impact of social media. 2nd Problem: Communicate impact to execs and other teams. Social Marketing Business

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Defining Impact #SimplyROI Social Return SOV (share of voice) Reach & Impressions Engagement Consumption Sentiment Advocacy Marketing Return Conversions Web traffic Foot traffic Downloads Trials Business Return Sales CLTV Retention

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Explaining Impact #SimplyROI Social Return SOV (share of voice) Reach & Impressions Engagement Consumption Sentiment Marketing Return Conversions Web traffic Foot traffic Downloads Trials How do you communicate this to marketing team and executives? Why does it matter? How can you make this valuable across the board?

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Misalignment Between Goals and Metrics

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Brand Awareness #SimplyROI

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI Why are you focused on brand awareness? This should tie directly to a holistic marketing strategy. Are you a new company in a competitive market? Are you the dominant player and looking to stay there? Are you redefining the problem for a specific market? Has your brand taken a reputation hit?

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI

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Not Sure What to Do with Data

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Where Are the Actionable Insights? #SimplyROI

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI Back to “why” (notice a theme?) Why are you measuring this? Does this data matter? Who’s using this data?

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI There are two main buckets for social media data. Research Competitive analysis Audience analysis Conversation Analysis Measurement Brand Activities Audience Engagement Business Impact

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI There are two main buckets for social media data: Research Measurement

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI Don’t just measure because data is there. RESEARCH What do you need to research to develop a complete strategy? What metrics will you need to track as you’re executing, in order to optimize? What do you need to measure and analyze to share with the brass, and add to your research for the next campaign?

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Social Media Is Siloed

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Social Media Data Impacts Marketing Strategy… #SimplyROI

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…But Not Overall Business Strategy… #SimplyROI

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI Take it back to kindergarten: “Use your words…” Communicate in the language that your coworkers understand. “Engagement” isn’t a metric that the sales team cares about. It isn’t something your CEO understands as a success metric. Be proactive and identify pain points that you can help solve. What insight do you have because of social that other teams in your company don’t?

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Example #1: Burger King’s Chicken Fries 27

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Example #2: Audience Analysis for H&M and Starbucks 28

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We’re in the Same Boat

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Similar Goals #SimplyROI

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What This Means for You #SimplyROI This is a period of formalization in social marketing.

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The Hype Cycle #SimplyROI Are we there yet?

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Take Aways

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2015 Social Media Marketing Tips #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Start with “why” when defining social ROI for your brand. Tie your social strategy to broader marketing objectives. Don’t just measure because the data is there. Develop a common language with other teams. Step back from “doing social” to focus on strategy.

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About Simply Measured Simply Measured is the most complete social analytics solution, empowering marketers with unmatched access to their social data to more clearly define their social strategy and to optimize their tactics for maximum impact. #SimplyROI

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