Steps to Success on

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Steps to Success on for Businesses

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has lot more to offer than just professional networking

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Reasons You Should Create a LinkedIn Account for Your Business

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For building a strong business network by finding potential clients and partners

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For business advertising

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For content distribution

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For hogging spotlight for your products or/and services

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For recruitment

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Some More Reasons

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More than 300 million users are linked with LinkedIn

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More than 3 million companies have their business pages on it

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51% companies have benefited by building their social presence on it

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LinkedIn generates about 80.33% leads

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33% web marketers are linked with this networking giant

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87% LinkedIn users trust the product or service related information on LinkedIn

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How to be Successful with LinkedIn?

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Create your business's LinkedIn page Showcase business products and services on the profile Engage customers with compelling content

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Attract followers on profile Post new content, re-share it and then a self-serving share for building relationship with your potential customers

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How to Get More Followers?

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If an upcoming ad or post is particularly likely to spark the interest of your ideal customer, consider investing in a sponsored update. Your update will appear in the feed of the targeted professionals you choose, and can lead to a dramatic uptick in followers and brand recognition.

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Place the LinkedIn “follow” button everywhere— websites, social media profiles, blogs, email signatures—and encourage your employees to do the same.

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Creating timely and relevant content will also increase your followers over time, especially if it consistently relates to trending topics.

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So, get started building your business presence on LinkedIn by creating your company page, attracting followers and posting updates. Drive engagement, raise brand awareness, and connect with your target audience!

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