Improving Your Website: Elements of a Winning Web Presence

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Improving Your Website: Elements of a Winning Web Presence Gere Jordan, Holony Media, 6/8/15

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Hi! My name is Gere Jordan and I’m President of local digital marketing company Holony Media.

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We use the internet to grow businesses. Through website design, SEO, online advertising, and consulting.

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Quick survey. What’s your website situation?

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Agenda for today: Discuss what makes a “good” website Explore some real world examples

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First, what do we mean by “winning” web presence?

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A website that achieves measurable business results and outperforms the competition.

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Elements of an Effective Website Planning Design Content Technology

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What’s the purpose of the website? What are your goals? Who is the audience? How will you measure success?

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Amazon (e-commerce)

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BuzzFeed (publishing)

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Thumbtack (lead generation)

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Charlotte Tang (portfolio)

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...all have different goals which impact their design and marketing strategy.

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Clean, Simple, & Professional Design Good Bad

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Achieve balance Space it out Limit your colors Enhance readability Prominent visuals Declutter Tips for Clean Design

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Consistent Branding

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Professional logo Unified identity Prominent Consistent Website Branding Tips

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Intuitive, User Friendly Navigation

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Non-standard style Poor labels, order Excessive options Buttons not links Common Navigation Mistakes

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Mobile Friendly

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Pull up Google on mobile device Search for site:yourdomain.com Look for “mobile friendly” You can also use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test for detailed feedback. Test Mobile Friendliness

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Focus on Conversion

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Set goals for visitors Tell readers what to do Call-to-action on each page Simple and clean Remove barriers Conversion Tips

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“Request an Estimate” “Schedule Consultation” “Free Download” “Buy Now” “Learn More” “Start Free Trial” Call-to-Action Examples

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Useful & Informative

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Start with core content: about products/services testimonials/social proof contact High quality Map content to user intent Look at competitor content Basic Content Tips

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Easy to Browse & Scan

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Headings, sub-headings Bulleted, numbered lists Short paragraphs Break up text with images Full-width Columns More spacing Tips for Scan-Friendly Content

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Search Engine Friendly

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Know your keywords Targeted titles, headings High quality Original One page per keyword More content, the better Fresh, relevant SEO Friendly Content Tips

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Diversify Content

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Infographics Audio (e.g. podcasts) Video Presentations PDF Downloads Interactive Events User Generated Content (UGC) Different Types of Content

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Content Management System

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Easier to update Web-based editing Emphasis on publishing Less expensive More control over changes CMS Benefits

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Contact Forms

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Short as possible Mobile friendly Make sure it works Set follow up process Form Tips

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Google Analytics

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Website traffic Traffic sources Conversion rate Popular pages Time on website Bounce rate Data to Track with Analytics

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Consolidate & Control

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Own your domain Have hosting access Avoid multiple domains Register in your name Use shared email address Gaining Control

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In Summary: How can you improve your website?

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Planning Determine your target audience Evaluate audience needs and competitive landscape Set goals for your website Approach website design and marketing with the above in mind

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Design Clean, simple, professional Consistent branding Intuitive, user friendly navigation Mobile friendly Conversion oriented

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Content Useful, informative Easy to browse, scan Search engine friendly Diversify content types

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Technology Build on a CMS Add a contact form Install Google Analytics Consolidate domains Control your assets

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Sample Sites

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Winning Sites http://www.freshbooks.com/ http://www.politico.com/ http://www.ableroof.com/ http://www.columbusdefensefirm.com/ Need Help http://www.dpro.com http://www.bolenreport.com/ http://www.petetheplumberny.com/ http://www.attorneymsmith.com/

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Analyzing the Delaware Chamber Website

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Discussion time. What questions do you have? Let’s discuss your situation. For more information, including a copy of this presentation, visit: http://www.holony.com/bed