Video, humanizing your brand & getting buy in @wilreynolds

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Video, humanizing your brand & getting buy in @wilreynolds

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Story time

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The other thing that humanized the Seer brand was that I picked up the phone

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I’m a Believer

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Regardless of how much data we have

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Gotta Have… Faith!

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Find the people who would do it for free

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Us Now

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Tail of two airlines

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United “Take 2”

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But I don’t work for a visionary

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Answer tweets or Act on them My CEO Doesn’t

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But you don’t work for a company with a visionary like this guy Or blow money on stupid experiments,

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But you don’t work for a company with a visionary like this guy Or blow money invest in stupid experiments, innovation

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You work for this guy, who thinks…. You know what people want RIGHT before they fly….

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A message from me…

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How to get buy in… Make a BUSINESS CASE

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Why do we exist?

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Where doES Video Explain our Why better?

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We don’t do video to SELL (Directly)

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Video on wistia (Seer’s pinterest vid)

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Loves Being Behind The Camera

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a room

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The right Tools

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Random Thoughts

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1 - Create a win w/ low cost 2 – Find a customer problem where video is the best means to answer it, and answer it 3 – Its hard to say “No” to a finished product 4 –Take money from high spending channels 5 – The future (zappos video) wayfair

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Problems, video ain’t 1

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How many CMO’s stayed up last night thinking... I need more video

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How Many CMO’s stayed up last night thinking... My customers are having problems… How prepared is my company to… SOLVE THEM!?

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No Budget, Wil!

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Went Helpful!

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iPhone Lights Mic Tripod 200 bux?

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iPhone Lights Mic Tripod 200 bux?

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Pitch at Seer

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Users have, Problems

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Get Buy-in by Lowering…

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Find videos that solve problems your users have that are highly viewed…

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Excel 2007

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ExCel 2016

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Make the case by focusing on #SUX “We can help more people”

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Custom ads… - Save 50% of your time doing X in excel if you upgrade…

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Not Bad, Kid…

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Not Bad, Kid…

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High spending channels

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More “smalls” Than “Biggie” My budget

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The Future

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Brands sort out the cesspool

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Not a campaign

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In their DNA

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Advice… Defsensible

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Questions, Commerce, & Campaigns

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Campaigns Die DNA doesn’t

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Ain’t Halloween PeopeCampaigns Die DNA doesn’t

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Ain’t Halloween PeopeCampaigns Die DNA doesn’t

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Ain’t Halloween PeopeCampaigns Die DNA doesn’t

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klm5vdyZbaI quality, responses, DNA show how long the page scrolls

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Loyal Army

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Content https://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonsrobb/

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Content https://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonsrobb/

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I know a company with a 3 year break even on content… If you have 3 years to show value vs 3 months, who’s going to produce better content?

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Your DNA?

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If your company’s DNA to take shortcuts…

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Can’t do nuthin’ fo ya man

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What Jeans company Wants to sell FEWER Jeans

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Story in your jeans

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One with a belief system

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1 Question:

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If your content was removed from the web, would anyone miss it? -Ann Handley