Designed for Success: Optimizing the Email Experience

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Designed for Success: Optimizing the Email Experience Thursday 28th May 2015 15.00 BST Justine Jordan, Marketing Director, Litmus Chad White, Research Director, Litmus

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Email critic and popular industry speaker Directs all things marketing at Litmus Recipient of the 2015 EEC Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year award Organizer of the Email Design Conference Author of "Email Marketing Rules" Written thousands of posts and articles about email marketing trends and best practices Research and commentary appeared in over 100 publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. #CIQSUMMIT @meladorri @chadswhite @litmusapp JUSTINE JORDAN CHAD WHITE

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Email HTML CSS Images Text Design Links Web HTML CSS Images Text Design Links ? ? ? ? ? ? EMAIL ? WEB

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Web <div> <h1> <p> em <style> background-color margin Email <table> <td> <td> px style=“font-face” bgcolor padding EMAIL ? WEB ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Email user flow Subscriber experience

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From name ~25 characters 25% of the inbox Subject line ~35 characters 25% of the inbox Preview text ~85 characters 50% of the inbox

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What is recognizable, trustworthy and relevant? Does the subscriber have a relationship with a person or the brand?

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Symbols can temporarily increase open rates. Use carefully to support your message rather than detract from value.

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75% of emails are displayed with preview text in the inbox Litmus research

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>> bit.ly/preview-text

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What’s your open rate? Only those people get to this point… …and fewer convert

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“Scrolling is easier than clicking.”

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43% of Gmail users have images disabled Litmus research

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Guide to styled ALT text: bit.ly/styledALT Guide to image blocking: bit.ly/image-block

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Show the CTA even when images are off >> bit.ly/bulletproof-buttons BULLETPROOF BUTTONS

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Minimize friction Be clear and concise Test buttons vs. text Use active language Consider size, placement, color, and context Tap + CLICK

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> wtfmobileweb.com

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80% of subscribers delete emails that look bad on their phones… …and 30% unsubscribe Source: BlueHornet Consumer Views of Email Marketing

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Litmus research: emailclientmarketshare.com

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MOBILE EMAIL OPENS +500% since 2011

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KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 70% read on mobile 15% read on mobile

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Responsive design results in a 15% increase in unique clicks for mobile users. https://litmus.com/blog/the-science-of-email-clicks-the-impact-of-responsive-design-inbox-testing Responsive templates >> bit.ly/slate-templates

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Rendering is inconsistent across devices and operating systems Responsive design is not supported everywhere.

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Small fonts auto-resized

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Body copy: 16px+ Headlines: 22px+ Buttons: 44px by 44px White space: 40px+

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‘modified’ ‘original’ QUIRKS

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Links are disabled. No text version? No email. >> bit.ly/watch-email A personal device that favors personal messages.

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“Triggered emails are not ‘set it and forget it’ programs. They are ‘review and renew’ programs.”

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“Keep an inventory of your triggered email programs and regularly schedule time to update and fine-tune them.”

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Why regularly update triggered emails? Quality Assurance: Broken links/redirects & old navigation links Out-of-date messaging (benefits, options, etc.) Out-of-date logo and branding Faulty trigger logic Broken rendering as code support changes

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Sent in 2013 Last updated in 2007 Out-of-date logo

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Sent in 2013 Last updated in 2009 Out-of-date navigation bar and other design elements

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Bad data pull from shopping cart results in blank primary message

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Sent in 2013 Last updated in 2012 Faulty logic, sent day after I purchased

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Broken rendering around HTML text

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Broken logo rendering Poor expectation setting No CTA

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Why regularly update triggered emails? Optimization: Fast-moving trends Testing Update seasonal messaging

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Percentage of senders sending 2+ emails in response to abandoned carts Cart Abandonment Email Series Source: Salesforce.com research

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3-email cart abandonment series

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Percentage of senders suggesting alternative products in their emails Email Content: Recommendations Source: Salesforce.com research

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Percentage of senders including seasonal messaging in their emails Email Content: Seasonal Context Source: Salesforce.com research

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Seasonal primary message

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Seasonal hero image Seasonal navigation bars

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The new litmus test for email marketing greatness: Does the majority of your email marketing revenue and engagement come from triggered emails?

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It’s impossible to achieve that without robust testing and re-testing.

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FREE 14-DAY TRIAL litmus.com/giftcard coupon code: CIQSUMMIT

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Up Next: Stop segmenting start personalizing! Thursday 28th May 2015 16.00 BST Dela Quist, CEO, Alchemy Worx