39 Perfect GIFs For Your Next Marketing Presentation

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39 Perfect GIFs For Your Next Marketing Presentation

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Bad presentations are painful.

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For both the presenter and the audience suffering through it, these can feel like dying a slow death.

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Unfortunately, many of us have sat through a countless number of these.

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So how can you ensure your presentation doesn’t result in your audience falling asleep in front of you?

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Source: NewsCred, 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing, 2013

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While there are many approaches one can take to incorporate these aspects into a presentation, there is one thing you can do to include both at once.

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That’s right, we’re talking about GIFs.

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It is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987.

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In non-computer speak, GIFs are essentially short clips of moving images.

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Remember this dancing baby?

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Remember this dancing baby? And this dancing banana?

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Remember this dancing baby? And this dancing banana? They were the original GIFs.

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While their popularity declined throughout the 90s, GIFs have seen a revival in the past several years.

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GIFs have the unique ability to capture short clips of familiar emotions and moments, often with a humorous bent.

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Here, we’ve hand-selected our favorite GIFs and broken them down for you into different scenarios to ensure your presentation entertains, engages and resonates with your audience.

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When you’re presenting some confusing information… Going over year-end financial reports? You’re bound to get a few blank stares.

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…or boring information Financial reports aren’t the most riveting either…

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When you’re drawing attention to a problem…

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…and then introducing your innovating solution.

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When you’re trying to motivate and inspire your team…

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…and now it’s time to celebrate. It may not be appropriate to do a dance yourself, but a GIF of someone else doing so is almost just as good.

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When you’re announcing exiting news…

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…or some sad news.

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When you’re announcing something unexpected.

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When you’re speaking to information no one wants to hear...

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…and when you get to the good part everyone has been waiting for.

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When you’re announcing a huge accomplishment.

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When you’re asking for help. Who can resist these faces?

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Finally, when you thank you audience at the end of your presentation.

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