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Airline travel has always been deemed exotic, its mystique and the status it gives passengers offers the perfect environment for the social media led enhancement of brand reputation. Overwhelmingly inflight retail is the place for luxury brands. For a start. behind each purchase is a story... INFLIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA: THE PERFECT PLATFORM FOR LUXURY BRANDS

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Technology enhancing the customer experience and adding value to the bottom line

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Live catwalk shows filmed and beamed instantly to store

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Bringing the catwalk directly into stores and simultaneously on customers mobile devices

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Making the runway a reality

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Large screens magically turn into mirrors

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A digital app engages with customers by recognising pre-programmed information

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Within beauty areas, multi- functional screens show moving content or changing imagery

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Digitally-enhanced interactive windows welcome shoppers with style tips based on their current outfit

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3M+ Facebook fans are selected and invited to fashion shows and special events in store

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Constant customer engagement via social channels

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RFID continues to be a trend, used to track and release information

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Your customised Trench – ultimate personalisation

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Not since the Industrial Revolution have we seen such dramatic change in the social landscape

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The connected consumer

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Boomers and Millennials will continue to influence retail. Source: Google Images

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Social networks will serve as shopping platforms Source: Google Images

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Loyalty-wise: points-for-purchase model will no longer be effective Source: Google Images

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Retailers will continue to adopt and experiment with technology

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Social Responsibility will be ever more important Source: Google Images

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Data will become more accessible and powerful

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More retailers will take control of their value chain and improve order fulfilment Source: Google Images

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More e-commerce sites will set up offline locations Source: virgin.com

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Retailers will localise their product mix and store formats will adapt and win

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Mobile will continue to grow in all directions Source: Google Images

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Stores with Omni-Channel will continue to thrive Source: Google Images

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Bottom line is all about the customer experience Source: Google Images

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ThoughtWorks worked with Domino’s Pizza to bring customers closer to the ultimate pizza ordering experience.

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A new style of IT emerging

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A new style of IT emerging

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the consumer Journey Awareness Evaluation Purchase Usage Repurchase Advocacy Direct Mail PR Print/TV Social E-Mail E-Book Website Webinar Blog Social SEO E-Commerce In-Store Catalog APP Sales SMS E-MAIL Community Social FAQ E-Mail Direct Mail Website Sales Coupon E-Mail Reviews Community Social Event Connecting the dots of his journey. You need to look at your customer & the touchpoints & look at retail holistically.

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FUTURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS TODAY Technology products are customer engagement tools or services consider these solutions Individual product solutions will realise potential when they are part of a strategic plan. Technology is your ENABLER Focus your customer at the heart of your business Identify and solve your business problems

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why does it matter NOW? What makes digital transformation so important NOW? * DCX - Digital Consumer Experience Social business connections alone are not enough. Social business helps flatten traditional hierarchies by empowering employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate across traditional boundaries. But without a vision for how to compete in connected markets and how to create value for a digital customer, social is not the answer. When leadership recognizes that existing business models, systems and processes are ill-equipped to respond without big changes, digital transformation is inevitable. Brands are out of touch with digital consumer behaviours. Brands are out of touch with their digital customers. Companies are boosting technology budgets, but all is based on assumptions and not from research into the new customer journey. Brands lack the infrastructure to support next generation marketing efforts. Brands have to start using insights stemming from the new DCX* as the catalyst for internal digital transformation. Digital transformation puts people at the centre. Every business says it’s customer-centric. Really? Leading companies put people at the center of change. They start with studying the data (digital footprints and preferences) plus behavior to learn where to prioritize technology, resources, and investments. The case for urgency is made in updating an antiquated customer journey to a more accurate, adaptive, optimized DCX.

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1 Vision & Leadership Digital transformation an emergent movement, is not yet recognized as a formal priority by most businesses. This requires those leading to get a digital transformation program in motion to make the business case. But, the business case needs more than evidence or anecdotes; it needs a story and a vision for what it looks like and what it delivers. THE 3 KEY ELEMENTS What makes digital transformation so important NOW? 2 THE DCX Digital customer experience begins with research, studies behaviors and expectations throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle. With information, digital transformation takes shape by specifically aligning people, processes, and technologies against goals to map an effective journey for digital customers. 3 TRANSFORMATION TEAM Organizations form special teams to bring people together to start talking and put change into motion. These teams go by many names: digital circles, Centers of Excellence (CoE), rapid innovation teams, digital acceleration teams, and more.

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KEy elements 3 Key Elements for Digital Transformation Vision & Leadership Digital Customer Experience Digital Trans-formation Team

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KEy elements 3 Key Elements for Digital Transformation Where are you? Vision & Leadership Digital Customer Experience Digital Trans-formation Team

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Digital Transformation Key Questions Digital Customer Experience Vision & Leadership Digital Transformation Team Who drives your Change Program? WHERE DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THE BRAND? WHAT DOES YOUR DCX LOOK LIKE?

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THANK YOU For questions or suggestions: Ruth Harrison rharrison@thoughtworks.com