How to Use Influencer Marketing To Promote Your Book (Engaging Influencers for my Publishing Clients) PREPARED FOR GroupHigh Virtual Summit April 28, 2015 @ChrisAbraham @GroupHigh #OutreachMarketing

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How to Use Influencer Marketing To Promote Your Book (Engaging Influencers for my Publishing Clients) PREPARED FOR GroupHigh Virtual Summit April 28, 2015 @ChrisAbraham @GroupHigh #OutreachMarketing

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Chris Abraham @chrisabraham @gerrisdigital chris@gerr.is slideshare.net/chrisabraham youtube.com/chrisabraham #outreachmarketing 2 linkedIn.com/in/chrisabraham google.com/+chrisabraham facebook.com/chrisabraham twitter.com/chrisabraham linkedin.com/company/gerris google.com/+gerrisdigital facebook.com/gerris twitter.com/gerrisdigital

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The publishing industry has changed in the last decade With eBooks, self-publishing, and a decrease in traditional book reading, the margins on all but the top-sellers is paper thin First-time and niche authors have much less support and resources towards book-promotion Marketing budgets have been slashed or preserved for top sellers and top earners (that’s assuming you can even get a book deal these days) 3 Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun by Paul M. Barrett

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Unlike advertising or a book tour, there is no barrier to entry to social media Social media enables both intimate one-to-one relationships with online influencers Social also enables access to one-to-many and many-to-many social media shares Influencer marketing allows authors to identify and then engage topically-relevant online influencers and bloggers 4 Law of the Jungle by Paul M. Barrett

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Time, talent, and treasure are all you need to support your online “shadow” book launch and book tour You can do it on the cheap using just your time and talent or you can subscribe to a dedicated blogger outreach platform like GroupHigh with a little bit of treasure Or, you can open your wallet and either collaborate with an expert or hire a publicist to do the outreach on your behalf (I’m always happy to help) 5 Search Engine Marketing by Mike Moran & Bill Hunt

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While social media marketing lacks formal protocol, there are three essentials: Treat everyone as if they’re a Kardashian: be excited and grateful and don’t take anyone for granted – no matter how little clout (or Klout) -- and be willing to lavish time & attention on everyone Be responsive and follow up more than once: “no reply” doesn’t mean “no” Provide an exceptional gift: bloggers love bound galleys, they love hardcover copies drop-shipped. They’ll take paperbacks, some prefer Amazon-compatible downloads – but nobody at all loves a PDF attachment 6 Mindful Work by David Gelles

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In each of the preceding books, each author was willing to lavish as many books, at much attention, and as much time was as required to make a connection and honor each influencer: Paul M. Barrett was willing to brave the gun message boards for Glock Amy Wilkinson hosted a reddit IAmA question and answer session Mike Moran & Bill Hunt never met an interview they weren’t willing to take David Gelles took podcast interviews as readily as NPR interviews 7 The Creator’s Code by Amy Wilkinson

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8 WHY YOU SHOULD REACH FURTHER THAN THE A-LIST Top newspapers, journals, celebrity sites, and high-status A-level blogs are highly competitive Don’t forsake the creme de la creme but don’t only rely on them to fuel your book’s promotion – everyone’s fighting to go to prom with the prom King and prom Queen If you don’t already have a brand, it’s entirely possible to build a powerful brand from the bottom up: blog by blog, influencer by influencer Social media goes beyond blogs, Facebook, and Twitter – don’t ignore message boards and specialty sites

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9 Rule #34b - If it exists there IS Blog of it Internet rule #34 - If it exists there IS porn of it

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10 There’s So Much More than Mommy Bloggers Paul M. Barrett made best mates with both the pro-gun and anti-gun online – I helped him connect with shooting sport hobbyists on both general sports shooting and Glock-specific message boards for his book Glock I found David Gelles hundreds of influencers connected with the mindfulness movement, both spiritual and secular I helped Amy Wilkinson connect with both entrepreneurs and women with the goal of connecting with women entrepreneurs Mike Moran tapped me to help him and Bill Hunt track down everyone outside of their personal SEO/SEM database of contacts

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11 As cheaply or as easily as you want to so it For years, I did all of my blogger outreach campaigns using Excel spreadsheets and then Google Sheets I discovered bloggers using keywords on Google and blog search engines and tracked engagements on those blasted spreadsheets You can do it cheap and hard or spend a little money to make it easier I currently use a combination of Google, SDL SM2, InkyBee, and GroupHigh to do my blog and blogger research I use GroupHigh to manage my outreach campaigns, including contacts & follow-ups

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12 Reach Out To Wherever They Are

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13 Reach Out To Wherever They Are

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14 Make Your Pitch as Personable as Possible

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15 Most of the Magic Happens in the Inbox – make it happen!

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16 TWO FINAL MANTRAS TO LEAVE YOU WITH (AND REMEMBER) “Hugs not horns” – Chris Abraham “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – Philo of Alexandria (or Plato or Ian MacLaren or John Watson)

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THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS? YES, YOU CAN START WITH ME: Gerris digital @gerrisdigital www.gerr.is info@gerr.is 17 youtube.com/chrisabraham linkedIn.com/in/chrisabraham google.com/+chrisabraham facebook.com/chrisabraham twitter.com/chrisabraham flickr.com/chrisabraham slideshare.net/chrisabraham linkedin.com/company/gerris google.com/+gerris facebook.com/gerris twitter.com/gerrisdigital chris-abraham.com Chris Abraham @chrisabraham chris@gerr.is +1 202-352-5051