Marketing 101: What Every Accounting Firm Should Know

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Marketing 101: What Every Accounting Firm Should Know

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As competition is growing day by day in accounting field, you need to stand out of the crowd.

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Marketing can help your business thrive by ensuring good customer relations, better branding and compete with the competitors. Here are few tips for accounting firms to better market themselves -

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1. Develop a Marketing Plan Develop a good and goal oriented marketing plan that can help you reach target audience.

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a) Know Your Customers A good marketing plan must identify and target the existing as well as potential clients.

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b) SWOT Analysis SWOT refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It helps you to identify different internal and external factors that will affect your firm's future performance.

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2. Referral Marketing Referral marketing is a great way of promoting your products or services to new customers through referrals from existing clients, friends or associates. All you need to do is create a referral program.

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a) Refer a Friend Offer discounts to your existing clients for referring a friend.

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b) Email Signature Make use of email signature something like "Referral are much appreciated and welcomed" to let clients, associates and friends know about referral.

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3. Capture Leads Through Websites A proper lead capturing method on your business website can help you convert visitors to your customers.

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a) Make Use of Email Subscription Form Allow visitors to get offers and download materials such as e-books, files, taxation forms etc. by just filing the email subscription form or newsletters.

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b) Design for Lead Generation Create a great look and feel design with a proper formatting to retain visitor's attention. Include images, graphs and show what's in it for the customer.

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c) Smart Call to Actions Make use of easy & smart call to actions on your website according to your business objective such as filling up a contact form, sign up action, chat or sharing words about you on social media.

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4. Social Media Marketing Although relatively new in marketing area, many accounting firms are now considering social media in their marketing strategy.

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a) Why social media is important? To increase sales To increase site ranking To showcase your brand To decrease marketing cost To build relationships with your customers

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Leverage social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ to reach out to the potential customers. Engage with the audience. Share other's stuff as well. Share something valuable, helpful and engaging. Create content to share on the social media channels. Follow industry leaders, potential and existing customers. b) Some Worthy Tips

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