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RETHINKING PUBLISHING IN THE CONTENT MARKETING ERA Matthew Buckland | Creative Spark | www.creativespark.co.za Edgars Club Advertisers’ Summit 2015 | Johannesburg

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SRC: http://blog.amandarose.co.uk

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SRC: KPCB Internet Trends 2013, Mary Meeker

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SRC: AP via @NBCNews

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SAD DADS @ 1D SRC: The Spin, Angelina Castillo

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The digital/internet era caused massive disruption & change in just about every industry. Here are a few...

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Banking & financial services: Bitcoin, Google Wallet, ApplePay

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Banking & financial services: Peer-2-Peer lending, cutting out the banks, Wonga, Snapscan, Friendsurance SRC: teeveetee.blogspot.com

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Travel & hospitality: Uber SRC:Uber website

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Travel & hospitality: airbnb SRC: Airbnb website

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Telco: whatsapp. Death of SMS greatly understated. Now, death of “calls”?

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Telco: Skype & the disruption of the phone call, Google Free Zone,

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Medical: mines data from millions of studies to make assessing medical experts and treatments easier

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Medical:behavioural analytics platform that turns smartphone data into health insights

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Self diagnosis: Philips vital signs camera (available on app store)

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...disruption also in education, retail, government, consumer electronics. In the media & marketing world we have seen unprecedented disruption too... MEDIA

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CHOICE Mainstream media consisted of a few choices in TV, radio and newspapers. Then came the internet...

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Massive digital fragmentation: many options, competition for our time & competition for media businesses

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BUSINESS MODEL Competition for both revenue & reader attention. Media & advertisers need to figure out a new paradigm: platforms, ad formats, content types, distribution & business models

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Internet instigated a dramatic fall in the economics of media. It’s now cheaper, faster, quicker to produce & distribute media allowing non-media companies, bloggers, one-man shows to get in on the media game. Therefore all companies are media companies = massive competition for eyeballs & revenue MODELS SRC: WEF

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Corporate websites often bigger than media sites. Given rise to industries like “SEO”, “Content marketing”. New paradigm to understand new landscape MODELS

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Superdistribution: the forwarding of media through social networks means a tiny publication with an important article can reach huge audiences quickly & at no additional cost* Presence of networked video cameras in people’s pockets increasingly means reporting comes from readers* Print felt disruption first... now TV (internet TV in fast bandwidth era) & Radio (podcasting) beginning their disruption cycles New platforms mean new rules (tablets, watches & all digital devices) DIGITAL MEDIA DISRUPTION * Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present: COLUMBIA JOURNALISM SCHOOL

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...in the home

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...in shops

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TV, Parrot here Here already...

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Very much here!! SRC: Apple

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SRC: Nieman Lab @ www.niemanlab.org

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Everywhere... looming media battle to disseminate content to and monetise just about any surface...

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...even solar-powered LED roads?? elitedaily.com

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Soaring user numbers, but revenues struggling: 10c per print user, vs 1c per digital user Paid content online is NOT WORKING, except in limited cases where financial data or B2B research data sold Fierce (and unfair - tax) battle for digital advertising pie from Google (R1,5bn) & Facebook (local office) Goog, FB dominate online advertising. Why? Reach, scale & ease of placement; better targeting & engagement; better ad formats & placement; CPC/shared risk model DIGITAL PUBLISHING 2015

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Niche publications that serve rich advertising ecosystems with loyal communities will continue to thrive We are seeing rise of new, lean media companies that are able to run profitably & extract value (Open source tech, crowd-contributor model, new ways of working) Publisher-led premium advertising networks “Pangea Alliance” feeding of programmatic trends Goog part of solution via Dig News Initiative But digital publications in general still searching for optimal revenue models DIGITAL PUBLISHING 2015

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“Light bulb moment”: Stop seeing ourselves as Online Publishing but as a Content Distribution Network Secret behind any site is the web of business deals, distribution decisions behind it that sees its content activated and monetised on new platforms Successful digital operation sees website/CMS at the centre, distributing content & brand to a variety of platforms RISE OF THE CONTENT DISTRIBUTION NETWORK

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WEBSITE/ CMS APPS & OTHER DEVICES PRINT EVENTING SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO/TV AUDIO/RADIO THE CONTENT DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Also known as “Hub & Spoke”. CMS distributes content to other platforms & social media. Create content once and publish everywhere SYNDICATION EMAIL

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Interesting challenge for advertisers and publishers is how we link content and advertising across multiple devices (the network) The less friction we create between devices for users, the more they’re going to default to your brand, your content, because it’s an easy and beautiful experience that doesn’t demand their time and effort Publishers & advertisers who do that really smartly are going to be the ones with high engagement MULTI-DEVICE MINDSET SRC: Niemanlab.org, http://www.niemanlab.org/2015/03/the-next-stage-in-the-battle-for-our-attention-our-wrists

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WEBSITE/ CMS APPS & OTHER DEVICES PRINT EVENTING SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO/TV AUDIO/RADIO THE CONTENT DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Also known as “Hub & Spoke”. CMS distributes content to other platforms & social media. Create content once and publish everywhere SYNDICATION EMAIL

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Print is many a digital philosophers’ punching bag Print will not die, but will shrink, niche Like theatre became smaller & premium High barriers to entry (cost) ironically make medium better businesses Print publications “dedicated devices” – more effective at getting your attention Digital overload & too many choices in a busy world: Print able cut through noise A good option for niches with loyal communities “ATTENTION”

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Fire vs electric heater Print vs online ‘Common sense’ that one would replace the other “Easier, cleaner, faster” vs “dirty & old” But each has different feel & function ANALOGY

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Well, many hardcore, new-economy digital businesses Net-a-porter, AirBNB (Pineapple), Uber (for drivers), Politico, Allrecipes, Ars Technica, Pando Locally: ITWEB (for the last 15 years) WHO IS DOING IT?

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WE ARE DOING IT! #platforms #contact #expansion WITH THANKS TO JOHN BROWN

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Last 10 years has seen a search for new revenue models Banner ads alone are not enough Banner ads predate social media & search era: not shareable, searchable, emotionally engaging or ‘interruptible’ (Users don’t mind interruptions if advertising relevant & useful – Google showed us this, as well as niches) Harder to ‘distribute’ banners to broader internet in a medium that is all about distribution & sharing NEW ADVERTISING MODELS

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Paradoxically banner CPMs dropping as sites get bigger (supply & demand) We need to get creative: advertising types, placements, creative, platforms New product innovation: Programmatic, native advertising, sponsored content, advertiser partnerships, full page tablet & smartphone ads NEW ADVERTISING MODELS

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Display (mobile)

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Seamless,centralised adserver integration & reporting across the “content network”

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Native advertising is part of a site’s core newstream, therefore plugs into its existing distribution network (RSS feeds, social media, email, apps, syndication etc) Is also part of search ecosystem Is ‘interruptive’ Is shareable Can live “forever” Encourages user engagement (commenting) Publishers therefore can charge higher CPMs NEW ADVERTISING MODELS

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Native advertising is a form of advertorial (2.0) or content marketing for the search & social era We differentiate between “sponsored content” and “native advertising” Ethics are key: commercial vs editorial to be clearly delineated to maintain credibility New ethical dilemmas arise: show sponsored during share etc? NEW ADVERTISING MODELS

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Glimpse of content & news in the future. Hint: it will not be on your phone or in a browser

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SRC: Fast Company

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Will media publish traffic & weather info on their websites ...or the roads?

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