From Search to Store: How SEO Can Empower Your Brand’s Business Units

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“We’ve started using it in our social division. Now Searchmetrics is more valuable than ever before.” Sebastian Wenzel, Webanalyticsbook You can rely on it Free 30-Day Trial Instant data. Tweak strategies. Benchmark competitors. Use with multiple teams

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Lead SEO, Group Optimisation at Vodafone SEO, Digital Marketer Tesco Personal Finance Group, Domino’s Pizza Group Plc., British Gas Plc., MasterCard, Panasonic Group, British Airways

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Learn to Make a Good Business Case Be Interested, Open and Diplomatic SEO Can Influence Many Business Areas

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Why are business cases important? How can you make them interesting and accessible?

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Tip: Branding is everything Operation Active Defense Project Secure Web Project Safe Migration Operation Mobile Fortress

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Cooperation leads to new ideas Data sharing opens doors and justifies change Every journey begins with a single step

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Improving Pre-order Access

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Building the Case #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Inform Supply Chain Opportunities for CRM Data Collection

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Enterprise SEO data is essential Search justified focus on pre-order process SEO interdependent relationship with other business functions Search data can inform supply chain #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon

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Which products are becoming popular in each market? Can we identify the launch cycle? New tools give easy data access e.g. cyfe.com and import.io #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Understand how public events will impact product demand Which upcoming brands should we keep an eye on?

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Seasonal Keyword Heat Map

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Optimise Affiliate Traffic Identified growing trends in “offer” keyword terms #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Reporting on Brand Activity

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Data for Social

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Opportunities in mobile search Personalisation XML sitemaps App deep linking

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon Learn To Make A Good Business Case Be Interested, Open and Diplomatic SEO Can Influence Many Business Areas

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @NickWilsdon @nickwilsdon https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nickwilsdon https://plus.google.com/+NickWilsdon/