Thinking Outside of the Text Box: 6 Ways To Increase the Life of Your Content

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“We’ve started using it in our social division. Now Searchmetrics is more valuable than ever before.” Sebastian Wenzel, Webanalyticsbook You can rely on it Free 30-Day Trial Instant data. Tweak strategies. Benchmark competitors. Use with multiple teams

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics 7 years of marketing and PR experience 11 years of journalism and editing experience Responsible for SEJ’s entire content strategy to drive traffic & increase community engagement @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics What Happens to “Dead” Content? @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 Why You Should Think Outside The Text Box

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Social Media Images 87% of the most shared content posts on Facebook are images* Key Takeaways Statistics Quotes from cited experts or post author *Source: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/photos-generate-engagement-research/ @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics SlideShare <-> Written Content SlideShare has 159 million monthly pageviews Dilute Your Content: Summaries of main points URL to white paper in description @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Repurposing The Same Content SurveyMonkey uses their own product, the survey platform, to create & upload presentations, PDFs, and infographics @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Audio Transcription Mixing learning mediums up can increase attention span, according to NPR* Transcribe your content for more accessibility Also consider transcribing video interviews and podcasts to text @wonderwall7 *http://goo.gl/OBbuCe

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Podcasts, aka On-Demand Audio We are the “Netflix generation” Podcasts make up almost 26% of ALL AUDIO listened to on audio devices (car, phone, etc.) @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Podcasts Invite experts on your podcast to add insight to blog topics Recap white papers, studies, blog posts, etc. *Source: http://www.edisonresearch.com/podcasting-bigger-think/ @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Over 78% of all U.S. internet users watch video. That’s almost 196 million viewers. *Source: http://www.statista.com/topics/1137/online-video/ @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics VIDEO Publish FROM Video Interviews that are turned into blog posts On-Demand Audio Versions Gifs of interesting insight Breaking Industry News NewEggTV has almost 398,000 subscribers and different bloggers as hosts @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics VIDEO Walmart has almost 68,000 YouTube Subscribers Publish TO Video Discussions of long-form posts Explaining key topics Turn long-form into a presentation @wonderwall7

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 Content syndication can bring up to 180% more email subscribers, as well as increased traffic and social media engagement. http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2345534/should-you-syndicate-your-blog-to-get-more-traffic-leads

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 CONTENT SYNDICATION Take your content and repurpose on a bigger platform, like Tumblr and partner sites, with proper redirects in place

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 Let’s Use a Real Example: Nike Social media images and SlideShare with running tips

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 Let’s Use a Real Example: Nike Do audio and video interviews with the runners Give exclusive video content to bloggers for them to republish

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 Think Outside The Text Box: 3 Takeaways Convert written content into different formats (or vice versa) to extend the life of your content Publishing in different formats can increase user attention span and interest Consider on-demand audio and partnering with other publishers to make your content go further

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#SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @wonderwall7 @wonderwall7 Linkedin/in/kelseychildress +KelseyJones