How to Build a Local Travel Agency Brand

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How to Build a Local Travel Agency Brand

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Travel Branding 101: Don't market your travel agency as the cheapest option in your local area. Focus on the experience your business delivers

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Most travelers are willing to pay a premium if your travel agency offers value that goes beyond what your competitors can offer. Promise a trip, deliver an experience

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How do you get people to notice your travel business?

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Local papers and magazines are often looking for interesting articles to publish. Free exposure Build your brand authority Gain bookings for the featured excursions Write Articles for Local Magazines and Papers:

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Create a mobile app. Mobile apps for travel agencies have become the best way to connect with today’s adventurers.

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Why a mobile app is important: Fast booking portal for your tours, travel packages, and excursions Offer exclusive discounts available only on travel app Local Information and guides to nearby attractions Shortcut to leave reviews, concerns, and questions

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1 out of 3 Millennials plan to travel in 2015. Arrange a series of excursion packages to destinations that matter to these travelers. Niche Market to Millennials

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Partner with the staff of your local sports superstore to create an adventure travel group. Offer exclusive packages and discounts to group members where the group can engage in their sport. Create a Sports Travel Group

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Identify the type of traveler that’s most valuable to you and focus on building a real connection with them. Focus on repeat customers

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Final thoughts: A large part of your budget should be directed towards the creation and maintenance of a digital presence. Digital marketing is your best exposure!

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