Leveraging Video to Engage Consumers

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Leveraging Video to Engage Consumers

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To grossly oversimplify our marketing strategy…. We want those who don’t buy, to buy & those who do buy, to buy more

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Before we can convert a consumer, we have to reach and engage them

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Delivering content they value allows us to reach and engage them

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Content is our “Marketing Nectar”

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And increasingly consumers want video content

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But YouTube isn’t the only social network on which folks are watching video…

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While Facebook’s growth may be slowing, make no mistake – it’s still a social media beast 1.44 billion monthly active Facebook users  936 million people log onto Facebook daily  *Based on Facebook Internal Data, 1st Quarter 2015 Earnings Call

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As marketers, we continually try to figure out the best way to get into the Newsfeed

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But we’ve been preparing for… Zero Organic Reach on Facebook

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Video grew to an average of more than 4 billion video views per day on Facebook Over 75% of Facebook video views occur on mobile *Based on Facebook Internal Data, 1st Quarter 2015 Earnings Call

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Video content has to be an important part of our digital marketing mix

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Case Studies: How we approach video

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Our Goal with Inspirational and Instructional Content: Grow the Activity and Grow Our Community

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By Growing the Activity and Growing Our Community, we will increase sales of our products

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Our success won’t usually be measured by direct sales… but by how strong of “tailwinds” we are creating

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We don’t think about creating a ‘viral video’ – we focus on creating content our audience will love and….

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Content that is “shareworthy”

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If we approach it in the right way, we significantly increase the likelihood it will be watched by a lot of people – and maybe going viral

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However, content doesn’t have to ‘go viral’ (such a small% do) to be really valuable marketing content

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Key to Content Engagement In order to add value to our consumer, video must do one of the following: Brands can usually, at best, accomplish 2 of the 3!

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Content Categories

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The right content mix depends on many factors – it won’t be the same for everyone What’s your 70%/20%/10%?

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Creating Original Content

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2014 YouTube Videos (62)

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Examples of Tactics that Make Your YouTube Content Discoverable Creating engaging content – total watch time is a factor in the ranking algorithm Encourage comments – higher viewer engagement can help ranking Optimize Titles, Descriptions, etc. Make Great “Title Cards”/Thumbnails Include end-cards that encourage subscribing, watching another video, etc. Develop a regular programming plan

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Some of the Things that Make Facebook Video Different Your videos may be played automatically (AutoPlay) Many people watch Facebook videos with the sound turned off – so don’t rely on sound Typically, the videos need to be shorter Optimize resources by editing a YouTube video into a shorter version Use the Facebook video as a ‘teaser’ to longer form content (e.g. on YouTube) Fewer analytics available

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You don’t have to have a TV network worthy studio to create original content

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or tons of resources

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Thinking about which content your audience will find valuable is the most important step

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70% reach from non-fans 1.3 mill views from non-fans All reach was organic – no paid support

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Leveraging Facebook Reach To Drive YouTube Engagement YouTube Video views increased 7x and daily subscribers increased 2.5x YouTube Video views increased 7x

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Added 50k new page likes All reach was organic – no paid support

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Commissioned Content

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Commissioned content allows you to reach a large number of consumers by leveraging the established audience of a YouTube Creator

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Multi Channel Networks

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The videos on her channel are performing above average – her audience embraced the partnership Ro’s videos on our channels are the most successful ever in the first week after publishing Comments on Ro’s videos on our channel are 7x the average of our top 10 commented videos Almost a 4x increase in subscribers on our channel

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Tips for Working with Creators How to avoid being a ‘bad brand’

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Do your research – just don’t ‘sort by’ number of subscribers and start there

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Focus on channels that reach your key audiences and creators who are authorities in your category

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Find someone that’d work with your brand (believes in it) even if you didn’t pay them (you’ll still have to ?)

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Let the Creator create! Trust them – they know what will connect with their audience

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Spend time with them – help them understand your brand - what makes it unique

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It’s okay to give them “talking points” but trust them to pick-out what will resonate with their audience and put it in their own words

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