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EMAIL = Email is the highest ROI channel there is no display algorithms to ‘game’ highly trackable -- even 1:1 emails 4 billlllllion accounts worldwide 25% of these are BUSINESS accounts

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Email WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING? BLAST! Good email marketing: extends beyond any single standalone blast campaigns that show u know WHO ur subscribers really are, and WHERE they are in their user lifecycle

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Rome wasn’t built in a single email. EMAIL CAMPAIGNS CAMPAIGNS Welcome Onboarding / Activation Engagement Reactivation Transactional

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Welcome — Confirm signup, set the email expectations Onboarding campaign — multi-installment series that gets subscribers to your activation threshold Engagement campaign — emails that get subs to your next activation threshold — from 1st time to repeat users Reactivation — incentivized wake-up for dormant users Retention — event-based triggers aimed at retain users about to drop off Conversion — “the hard sell” Referral — acquisition Transactional — password, receipt, account details (opportunity to convince & convert) EMAIL CAMPAIGNS

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EMAIL IS A FUNNEL. Very few people buy at the top of the funnel.

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1. ABC: Always Be Collecting Persistent across site As a call to action on any content marketing Popups work On EVERY staff’s profiles and email signatures Paid acquisition campaigns -- promote an offer Offline works too LinkedIn trick

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1. ABC: Always Be Collecting Persistent across ur site Popups works On EVERY staff’s profiles and signatures Paid acquisition campaigns Offline works too GOLDEN RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING ALWAYS BE COLLECTING

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2. Subject lines MATTER. But they don’t just impact open rates. They impact a subscriber’s perception of your ENTIRE email. Subject line testing isn’t just about boosting open rates, but boosting total conversions. IT’S A FUNNEL -- First 10-15 characters MOST important: use action words.

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RECIPROCITY How to get 25K visitors/month -- new ebook, no charge

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LIKING Praise, association, familiarity, similarity

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AUTHORITY Get YOUR MBA in Internet Marketing... Warren Buffet on Goals... ...Career Advice from Barack Obama

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SCARCITY 24 hours left… Last chance...

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FEARS & ASPIRATIONS 7 Biggest Time Wasters for Social Media Marketers -- Is This YOU? vs. 7 Ways to Save More Time and Be a Superstar Social Media Marketer

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3. Target and segment Don’t be random. Some targeting you can do: demo based on previous behavior (open, click, buy) based on events outside of email (ie, where did they come from)

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4. Measure what matters OPENS. Standard open rate is below 30%. CLICKS CONVERSIONS SUBSCRIBES UNSUBSCRIBES REPLIES

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5. MUST. TEST. Subject line: copy, length, emotion? CTA: language, size, color, commitment? level Content layout? Content length? Show prices vs. not? Simple vs complex? More vs fewer choices? Send time / day Personalization ? “From” name PS -- Intuition still matters.

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6. CONTENT MATTERS subject line preview text IMAGES body always have a CTA > one email, one CTA include link reminding people who you are & what you do

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7. Mobile FIRST Over 65% of email gets opened on mobile FIRST. ALWAYS TEST mobile Responsive layout Content brevity (short <p>) Subject, preview & sender are mobile-optimized High open rate but low click rate…?

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