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How to Become a ? www.rebekahradice.com CONTENT MARKETING Secrets to a SUPER-STICKY Strategy POWERHOUSE

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Content Marketing is connection marketing. It’s offering the right content to the right people with the right frequency and consistency.

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Relationship Marketing Building one relationship at a time.

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People Aren’t Numbers Are you still missing the BIG picture?

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Add Value How can you bring more to the table than you came with?

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Become a Valuable Resource Be unforgettable to avoid extinction!

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Borders vs. Barnes and Noble Why did Barnes and Noble survive? Innovation!

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The Key to Survival Looking to the future!

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What Does Content Marketing actually look like?

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It’s the content you create Blog posts, videos, webinars, presentations, Infographics and podcasts.

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It drives sales… boosts your bottom line and connects consumers to your brand. In other words - it helps you tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way.

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Great Companies… Tell great stories. They create an emotional bond with their customers.

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Coca-Cola has been telling their story through compelling campaigns since 1944.

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It’s all about YOU! Stories: Create differentiation

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Stories: Allow you to stand out in a crowded marketplace

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Stories: Offer maximum impact with less effort

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And making an impact is more important than ever before. Twitter has 284 million monthly active users Instagram has 300 million monthly active users Facebook has 1.35 BILLION monthly active users 74% of online adults (ages 18+) use social networks regularly 23% are on Twitter 71% are on Facebook

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Creating more content? Posting more often? Racing to keep up? How are you standing out?

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The differentiator is you. It’s your message and the value you provide to your community.

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Have you said this… I don’t know what kind of content to produce I don’t know what my customers want I don’t know how to research my audience I don’t know how to promote my content I don’t know how to reuse my content

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1. Define Objectives: Raise awareness Extend your reach Build thought leadership Grow your brand Launch a product Promote a book

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2. Drill down into specific goals: “Raise awareness around a social media training system to add 500 new members into the program.” “Build thought leadership through the launch of my New York Times Best selling book.”

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3. Do your research! Who is your target market? What do they look like, do for a living and what problems do you solve?

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4. Identify content What do you have and what will you produce? To become a content marketing powerhouse, you have to create SHARE WORTHY content!

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Create and Curate Share content that resonates with your audience Use the right tools! Post Planner BuzzSumo Twitter Lists

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5. Understand each social network How will they support your objectives? Facebook - Attract Potential Clients Twitter - Build a Credible Reputation Google Plus – Connect with Like-Minded Business Professionals Pinterest – Tell Your Visual Story Instagram – Diversify Your Marketing Efforts YouTube – Drive Traffic to Your Website and Blog

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6. Commit To a consistent content creation and posting schedule.

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7. Get involved In the conversation. Be a giver, not a taker! Use Tools to Listen, Respond, Share and Stay Interactive Sprout Social Buffer Tailwind

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8. Create a system Excel Google Calendar Co-Schedule (WordPress) Social Media Tools: Sprout Social Buffer

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9. Promote! Use social media to spread the word!

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10. Create your daily workflow Rinse and repeat!

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