5 Social Trends & What They Mean for Your Strategy

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5 Social Trends & What They Mean for Your Strategy

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What We’ll Cover Introductions Trends Take Action Predictions

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2015 Social Media Trends

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The destination is off social; don’t be afraid to take your community there

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Driving Off Social Sites Truly owned vs. leased More like Velcro than glue The Buzzfeed model Aggregators

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Attention spans are growing

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Attention Spans Are Growing Technology allows (and encourages!) it Long form and episodic video Long form written Tease content on social Create sequential advertising strategies to drive results

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Your brand trumps your product; your content should reflect that

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Content Trumps Product Content should blend in with feeds No one wants to stop their scrolling and say “That’s a great ad!” Leverage influential ambassadors KISS

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Now you see me; now you don’t: Users love disappearing media

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Disappearing Media Snapchat Meerkat & Periscope Whisper, Yik Yak, & Secret (RIP) Write it in pencil

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Consumers expect real-time brand commentary

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Real-Time Content Looking spontaneous doesn’t mean you are spontaneous Eliminate barriers Post in the right place

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Take Action!

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Tips & Tricks Driving off social Create a compelling blog Test small microsites vs. changes to your whole website Longer attention spans Choose your own adventure Periscope/ Meerkat requires less slick production Great content wins Start with UGC Find your visual mission statement Disappearing media Test Snapchat in “safe ways” i.e with employees or prospects Watch first Real-time content Create categories and topics that your brand will get involved in Fire drill your processes

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And Remember If talking about emojis isn’t right for your brand, don’t talk about emojis.

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Facebook advertising will be everywhere – and likes won’t matter Less talk about Gen-Y and more focus on Gen-C Multimedia creation will become mainstream Ad platforms will catch up to Facebook Predictions

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