How the Seahawks Set a Winning Social Strategy

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How the Seahawks Set a Winning Social Strategy

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Housekeeping Listening / voice options Questions and chat room #SimplySeahawks Recorded webinar Post-webinar survey #SimplySeahawks

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Kenton Olson #SimplySeahawks Kenton Olson @kentono Director of Digital Media & Emerging Media for Seattle Seahawks

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What Does Winning Mean to the Seahawks on Social?

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Moving the Needle 6

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What We Don’t Do #SimplySeahawks Competitive analysis Sentiment analysis One-size-fits-all analysis

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3 Major Types of Social Campaigns #1 #2 #3 Conversion-Focused Reach-Focused Partnership-Focused

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Website Conversions #SimplySeahawks

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Reaching the Greatest Number of People #SimplySeahawks

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Showing Partners Value #SimplySeahawks

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The 3 Ways We Use #SocialAnalytics #1 #2 #3 Plan Measure Recap

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Where Should We Focus Our Time? #SimplySeahawks

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Which Content Is Doing Well? Which Isn’t? #SimplySeahawks

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#3 Recap

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Recapping for Corporate Partners #SimplySeahawks

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Take Aways

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How the Seahawks Win on Social #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Know what we want Plan ahead Measure results as we go along Recap right Use this campaign’s lessons in the next one

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Where #SocialAnalytics Fits In #SimplySeahawks Analyze The Market Define Strategy Monitor & Respond Publish & Promote Content Measure Performance Optimize Tactics

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About Simply Measured Simply Measured is the most complete social analytics solution, empowering marketers with unmatched access to their social data to more clearly define their social strategy and to optimize their tactics for maximum impact. #SimplySeahawks

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About the Seahawks 27 About the Seattle Seahawks The Seattle Seahawks joined the National Football League (NFL) in 1976 as an expansion team. The Seahawks have won nine division titles and three conference championships. They are the only team to have played in both the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) championship games. Seattle has appeared in three Super Bowls (Super Bowl XL, Super Bowl XLVIII and Super Bowl XLIX). The Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos, 43-8, in Super Bowl XLVIII to win their first title. The team plays at CenturyLink Field in downtown Seattle and is owned by local businessman, investor, and philanthropist Paul Allen.

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