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Visual Marketing & Visual Commerce UGC Photos | Trending Pins | Instagram | Pinterest

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1+ Trillion Photos Uploaded Annually 20,000 Photos Per Second on Social

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Content is the new Creative

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UGC Photos == Authentic Media Type

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2 Types of UGC Photos Aspirational (influencers/artists/bloggers) Authentic (advocates/customers/fans)

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3 ways to collect UGC Photos Run a UGC Contest Create a Campaign Hashtag Find UGC and get rights

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UGC Rights & Permissions Explicit (Ask the User) Implicit (Hashtag policy)

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Millenials say that UGC has influenced what they buy 84% Double Digit love for UGC Photos 28% 25% Lift in Brand engagement with exposure to UGC Higher Conversion from Authentic UGC vs product shots (Source: Comscore, Laundry Service)

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KPIs from Brand Posted Photos on Instagram

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3 Best Use Cases of UGC Photos

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Use Case 1: Commerce from UGC Photos

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Use Case 2: Scale Content Marketing with UGC

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Use Case 3: Stay on top of Visual Trends

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PIQORA: Visual Marketing & Commerce Solution

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PIQORA’S MISSION Generate ROI from Socially Validated Photos

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