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SINA WEIBO INTRODUCTION May 2015 Bryan Cheng Weibo Commercial Platform & Product

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Source: Weibo 2014 Earnings Weibo users from 190+ countries worldwide. Officially launched in Q3 2009 Open platform launched in Q3 2010 Started monetization in Q2 2012 Weibo IPO Apr 2014 Alibaba strategic alliance in Q2 2013 Promoted feeds launched in Q2 2013 176Million+ Monthly Active Users

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Steady Growth of Weibo Active Users 80% Mobile *Source: Weibo Earnings 81M DAU 176 81 77 167

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53% audiences are 90s 3 years ago, 50% Tier 1 cities users, while now,70%users are from lower tier cities Source:Weibo2014 Q1 Earnings Expansion into Tier2-3 Cities and Younger Generation To deepen cooperation with local marketing accounts to enhance the regional impact To strengthen partnership with 20+ star-TV nationwide and 100+ TV show in 2014, Weibo created new pattern of interaction between TV and internet. Based on the advantages of social media, mobile manufacturers actively built Weibo pre-installment channels.

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Weibo Core Users the public Close Open User Social Circle all new fields and hotspot interest discover and discuss Life trifle, buzz emotion sharing

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More Contents Variation for Users

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Users Tend to Focus on Lifestyle Contents Changes of users’ following accounts type Source:Weibo March 2015 Users are more interested in verified users of movie, humor, and fashion fields Professional Verified Celebrities Content Accounts Organization Verified Ordinary Account

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Users Engagement On The Rise Source:Weibo March 2015

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Weibo: The Most Effective Platform for Information Discovery Users discover info. via others, organizations, interests as well as acquire services with interactions. Weibo has accumulated people and organizations from various industries to promote business value.

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Commercial Products Win Market Recognition Q4 Revenue $105.2Million

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Weibo & Socialbakers cooperation prospect 2015 Q2: Socialbakers integrates Weibo API into product lines 2015 Q3: Launch joint product in China market

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