Killing Your Customers with Content?

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Killing Your Customers with Content? Visual Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business

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In 2014, $134.7 billion were spent on content marketing, video marketing, and social media, according to research by eMarketer.  

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Humans learned to look before they even started speaking, reading, and writing. It is an innate ability that human brains process visual information more quickly than written.

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Moreover, it is difficult to take in and read lengthy texts. As statistics suggest, the average attention span of a young adult is between 13 to 14 minutes.

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However, information provided in bits and pieces, with casual imagery and visually appealing pictures, is more likely to be digested and remembered.

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People learn in four different ways

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Visual learners - learn by seeing

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Auditory learners – learn by hearing

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Kinesthetic or tactile learners – learn by touching or moving

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A mix of styles

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Marketers need to have a grip over producing content based on videos, podcasts, pictures, graphics, and presentations. See: Elements to Improve Visuals for Maximum Business Conversions

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Why should you opt for visuals when marketing? Explore: The Visual Language of Business

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1- Let your readers’ breathe, don’t choke them with text! It is more likely that your visitors will leave the site if they witness content bombardment. Instead, neutralize the text with images, videos, podcasts, infographics and slideshares.

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2- Who doesn’t like visual cuddling? Images help your target audience connect and make your content alive.

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3- Pin it to win it! Your visual content has more shareability than your textual content on social media. People can instantly share with simple clicks, ‘pin’, ‘tweet’, ‘share’, ‘fav’ and ‘like’.

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4- That’s the way we like it! Businesses should opt for visuals on social media because it broadens horizons and provides brands with better exposure.

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5- Let’s Talk It Out! Your audience can engage with you better. It will help you to gauge better understanding of your target market. Explore: How Psychographics in Contemporary SMB Marketing

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How can you amplify your content marketing through visuals?

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1. Use pictures to tell a story

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2. Use Meaningful images

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3. Use imagery that complements your brand values

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4. Get the right balance of images.

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5. Use white space

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6. Don’t get cheesy with your visuals.

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7. Make your images engaging

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8. Tag relevant people, pages and influencers

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9. Provide valuable content

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10. Be careful about dimensions

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11. Be particular about the quality of visuals

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12. Analyze what works for your audience

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Does your business use compelling visuals to capitalize on latest marketing trends? Share your thoughts.

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What Visual Content Strategy does Your Company Follow? Let us know @LogoDesignGuru