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sex appeal tips for marketing products to men or women who buy for them Sourabh Sharma s.sharma@skimgroup.com @sssourabh

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Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

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Hetero VS Metro

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Most men are in between

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Self gratification Indulgent

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men buying for themselves women buying for their man VS

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Tip #1 Don’t make feminine benefits masculine “Gender Contamination” Jill Avery, Harvard Business School

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aspirational benefits Clean Scrub Cleanse Soft Moisture Hydrate functional benefits “Leaves skin feeling clean” “Leaves skin feeling soft and radiant”

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combined benefits when women buy for their men

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Tip #2 Prevent the emotional negative Razor burn Balding Dandruff

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Be specific: use the emotional insight behind the fear “For clean and flake free hair” “Soothes skin to prevent razor burn”

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Be specific: use directive language correct hairlines fuller hair

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Tip #3 Give men the power of proof

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Use meaningful parts or numbers Clean + fresh Showcase (clinical) proof 3 powerful nutrients Avoid extreme numbers

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Female buyers wish for speed

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Tip #4 Make the benefit healthy and lasting “24 hour hold” “Styling gel with all day staying power”

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Focus on health not beauty “Nourish your skin with rich lather” “Fight dryness and maintain skin’ s balance”

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Conclusion Men are investors, they need the product to work and last

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Conclusion Men and woman emote differently Read our article in Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine March 2015: “Sex Appeal”

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Sex appeal Tips for Marketing products to men (or women who buy for them) skimgroup.com Sourabh Sharma s.sharma@skimgroup.com @sssourabh Contact us